Few purchases can do more to help your kids get outdoors and get active than swingsets. Here are five great ways that owning a children’s outdoor swingset can benefit your family:

1. A Real Workout – As your kids run around outside and use the swings, they experience an incredible level of physical exercise. Playing on swingsets can help strengthen muscles throughout the body, while also burning calories and lowering the risk of childhood obesity.

2. Improved Social Skills – With your own backyard swingset, you have the perfect opportunity to develop your child’s social skills. Invite neighbor kids over to play, and watch as your kids make friends, socialize, and learn the value of sharing and working together.

3. Mental and Emotional Health – The physical activity your child enjoys on the swings produces endorphins, which are a natural way of improving mood and helping you feel good. Regular play on a children’s outdoor swingset can help your kids deal with stress in a healthy manner.

4. Coordination – Swinging and other playground activities require more balance and concentration than you might think—and this translates into improved coordination and athletic ability for your kids. Improved coordination will make it that much easier to learn to ride a bike or play other sports.

5. Parents Benefit Too! – Don’t underestimate how swingsets can benefit your overall well-being, too. Providing a fun outdoor environment for your kids can reduce your own stress and create plenty of opportunities for time together as a family. With a children’s outdoor swingset, you can improve your own physical health and create lasting family memories.