When we say our swing sets are Amish-made, what do we mean?

That phrase once held the promise of great value, but in today’s keyword marketing, it has been sullied by cheap knock-offs and cash grabs.

What do we at King Swings mean by Amish-made swing sets?

For us, it means it was literally made by the Amish in Lancaster County, PA. The local Amish community mans our building, parts, and loading bays. The manufacturing crew is all Amish, save for two. Our install teams are Amish or Amish adjacent young men.

What about the office? Well, someone has to run the computers, so the office is made up non-Amish people. But trust me, we office folks do not get anywhere near the tools!

What makes an Amish Swing Set Special?

Why does it matter that our swing sets are Amish-made? What should you expect from an Amish swing set?

An Amish swing set is a well-made swing set. The Amish don’t cut corners when it comes to quality.

An Amish swing set is strong. I have discovered that the Amish work hard, but when it is time to play, they play hard! Their swing sets better be ready for it!

An Amish swing set has a strong warranty backing the workmanship. The Amish take pride in what they build and will stand behind it.

An Amish swing set is built by a crew that cares. The Amish don’t do things by halves. If they are going to do it, they are going to do it right.

A King Swing’s Amish swing set is built by a guy with a smile on his face and who takes extreme joy in donut Fridays, birthdays, and surprise ice cream from Down on the Farm Dairy.

King Swings takes pride in the work of our craftsmen. Those guys do a tremendous job throughout the heat of summer through the cold of winter. They work hard so your children can play hard. And do they love seeing pictures of their handiwork, so if you have a shot of your children enjoying your set, send it in!