Double-Deck Towers: The Secret to Fun!

Certain features on a vinyl swing set really catch your eye, and their value is readily apparent. Others are a little more subtle but are just as important. So let’s talk about one of those silent heroes of the swing set world, the double-deck tower!

This Image shows the Captain's Castle from King Swings

What is a double-deck tower?

A double-deck tower is a swing set tower that has two levels but is built connected to one other. A good example of a double-deck tower can be seen on Captain’s Castle or Launching Pad.  

This obviously makes the vinyl swing set taller and more impressive to look at, but what other value do these towers offer? 

Double-deck towers are some of the most versatile vinyl swing set towers. Since you have a taller platform and a shorter one, you can really create two separate play areas. That means if you have younger children and older ones, you can customize each level to fit your children’s needs!

This image shows the Launching Pad Swing Set from King Swings.

The shorter section on the vinyl swing set can be all about the little children with a staircase, simple slides, and some fun accessories. The taller section can have massive climbers or super-fast slides, which will keep your older children engaged in the swing set!

This is the value of double-deck towers; it gives every child a safe, age-appropriate place to play!

And, as a bonus, double-deck towers allow you to attach either a monkey bar swing beam, a standard beam, or a high beam to it! This means you can have the swing beam of your choice!

So what is the perfect little kid, big kid setup?

Well, good question, and here is the great answer! If you go to this custom swing set, you will find a vinyl swing set designed with that idea specifically in mind! And, as always, if you have a great design in mind, reach out to our swing set design team! We would love to help you out!