Why Should You get a Swing Set this Winter?

“Look at this guy,” you may be thinking, “He is trying to tell us to get a swing set in winter?!? What is he, some kind of marketer or something?”

Well, uh, yes, that is my job. But I am also a Dad to three kids, so hear me out before writing me off.

I get it: a swing set purchased and installed in the winter doesn’t make that much sense right off the bat, but here are four reasons to reconsider.

1) Maximize the Nice Days.

It has been butt-freezing cold with wind and overcast skies the last few days. Guess what? My kids don’t want to go outside, and honestly, I don’t blame them.

But today… today was bright and warm! The sun, the glorious sun, broke through and thawed us out for a few blessed hours! Having a swing set ready to go in your backyard will make it even easier to kick them out of the house when we get those nice days.

2) Snow/Cold Changes, not Cancels, the Fun.

Can you have fun on a swing set when it is cold or covered in snow? Absolutely! Go down the slide and smash into a snowman! Have a snowball fight, and serve hot chocolate inside the playhouse or on the lemonade stand after the projectiles are done flying!

You may need to get a bit more creative, but there is fun to be had outside even when it is cold and snowy. And I must keep reminding myself that, even if it is unpleasant, it is still important to get my kids outside. I just might have to put in more effort.

3) Getting a Jump on Spring

If this is the year you are planning on purchasing a vinyl swing set, getting it in early will allow you to maximize the spring. What if we have a mild winter or spring comes early?  Your swing set will be already in your yard, ready to go!

You don’t have to do all that shopping, researching, and ordering while the sun is shining and everyone else and their grandma is doing the same thing. Nope, none of that rush for you. You can thank your past self for getting everything ready and just throw open the back door to a backyard that is ready for outside fun!

4) Locking in Pricing/Avoiding the Rush

While similar to the above point, most swing set companies review pricing in the winter. We are
no different. Getting your order locked in even if you delay delivery to warmer days will save you money and, almost as importantly, avoid the long lead times that the spring rush unavoidably brings.

How does ordering ahead work? We require a 50% deposit on orders that are pushed back past our standard lead times. There is no extra fee for placing an order now but delaying delivery to spring.

There you have it, four reasons to order a swing set in the dead of winter! Not convinced? Well, shoot. I did my best. I suggest you at least begin your research now so you can place your order as soon as possible when spring arrives.

Even if you are aiming at a spring delivery, reach out to our design team with any questions you have about our vinyl swing sets!