It is time for your backyard to be the king of entertaining. Whether you host your family’s traditional 4th of July party, Labor Day grill-off, or any other festive event, it’s time to take your backyard entertaining to a new level. Add an extra splash to that pool party, zest to that cookout, and space for you, the adults, to chat without interruption by adding a swing set or playhouse from King Swings.

And, with a little elbow grease, you can make that swing set or playhouse a truly amazing spectacle that will be the centerpiece of your event.

To showcase how magical a swing set or playhouse can be, we got to work. We transformed the Chalet A-frame Playhouse into a mystical playspace, glowing warm and soft in the approaching dusk, beckoning all kids to come and play and let the adults talk about all that boring stuff in peace.

Check out the results:

It. Was. Stunning. 

You can do this in your playhouse or swing set at your next big event or just for the delight of creating something beautiful. We’re here to equip you with all the necessary tips and tricks to create a stunning yet safe play space like the one pictured above. With just a bit of time, lots of command hooks, and lights, you can create a tantalizing play space for your little ones to play in, allowing you and your guests to relax and chat. 

The Exterior – Magic On Display

Big playground sets like the Chalet require more lights than you think, especially if you want to light it up.

Start by measuring the locations you plan to attach lights and the order in which they will be hung up. You don’t want to get about halfway through and realize that you don’t have enough length, or you will end up at an awkward dead end.

A little forethought, the right equipment, and smart tips can save you time and energy. Here is what you will need and our best tips and tricks.

  • A good ladder – A stable, tall ladder will make this much easier and provide a safer installation.
  • Command hooks – We like the kind with a tension clip, as they hold the lights better than a simple hook. Pro tip: Have a rag to wipe off any dust collected on the set before applying the command hook. This allows the adhesive to stick and not slip off.
  • Shatter-Resistant lights – Don’t skimp and get the ones on sale; this is a playspace, and children will be banging against them, and the last thing you want in your playhouse is broken glass.
  • Untangled first – If you are bringing your lights out of storage, untangle them before climbing the ladder. This is a simple step, yes, but it saves so much time and frustration! Pro tip: Test your lights before hanging them up. Replacing a bulb on the ground is easier than way up high!
  • Safety first – No loose cords near slides, climbers, or access points. Do not let your cords or lights dangle where the children are sliding or climbing. Keep them tight and up out of the way.
  • Electrical cords – All-weather, water-resistant extension cords are the best for decorating a playset. String your cords behind the set or through low-traffic areas to avoid a tripping hazard.

After the lights are hung, you are ready for your other decorations. Depending on the season and event, it may be flags, pumpkins, wreaths, or any number of themed decorations (castle theme, anyone?). These give your playset extra flavor unique to you and your event.

Now that the exterior is squared away, let’s look at the interior decorations.

Inside the Playhouse – Cozy, Warm, Inviting (Bunny Sold Separately)

The tempting, simple solution for lighting up the playhouse’s interior is to get a few strip LED lights and blast back the darkness. However, that bright white LED doesn’t create a warm, welcoming environment.

We achieved the soft, calming glow through a combination of warm-toned fairy lights, faux candles, string lights, and warm LED strip lights. It took some time to get it all right, but the result is worth the thinking!

Here are some of our tips and tricks for the interior:

  • Warm Color Tones – It’s worth repeating: When combined with our white playhouse, white LED lights create a bright, blinding light. Go with warm tones for best results.
  • NO OPEN FLAMES OR FLAMES OF ANY KIND! – Use faux candles, please!
  • Clear Access – Be careful with cords across entryways; keep them out of the way as much as possible. Do not allow cords or spring lights to hang loose near doorways or slide entrances.
  • Command Hooks – We promise that Command Hooks do not sponsor us, but they are a great product for this application!
  • Comfy Seats – Be generous with pillows, bean bag chairs, or other comfy seats. If you intend to leave them outside in the playhouse, ensure they are built for outdoor use.
  • Snack station – If your kids are old enough to eat without parental supervision, consider setting their table inside the playhouse for more magical fun!

Your goal with the interior is to make it a destination for the kids, a place that beckons them for adventure. Different themes require different approaches, such as hanging maps on the wall for an explorer theme or plenty of water balloons if you are having a water party.

The Big Event

Whether your event is a small get-together of friends or a massive family gathering, planning something special for the kids around the backyard playground is fun and a great way to top off the evening. Depending on your event, it can be as simple as homemade ice cream enjoyed on the picnic table or as exciting as an uncle’s foam blaster battle.

Here are some ideas for your “grand finale”:

  • Special Treats – My kids nearly exploded with joy over Costco’s Island Way Sorbert. The special treat can be as low-effort as picking up something at Costco or as extravagant as homemade ice cream churched by the playset.
  • Fireworks – Having the kids perched safely on the playhouse gives them a great, new vantage point on the explosive happenings while keeping them a safe distance away.
  • Foam Blaster Fight – Get the uncles, nephews, and friends protective eyewear and a few foam blasters, and watch the fun happen! Of course, everyone has to help pick up the foam blasters.
  • Story Time – Settle Grandpa or Grandma in the playhouse for the retelling of beloved and sacred family stories. This is worth the effort.
  • Playground Broadway – Provide plenty of dress-up clothes for the kids (be careful with capes on a playground) and tell them that they need to put on a show on the playset at the end of the night. When that time comes, line up all the chairs and give them a standing ovation!
  • Outside Movie – Stretch a white sheet on the playhouse or in the swing beam and project a movie on it! Provide lots of popcorn, and this will be a summer favorite!


A swing set or playhouse in your backyard can be the highlight of your outside entertaining. With our modern colors and stunning designs, your swing set or playhouse complements your backyard, adding to its welcoming vibe.

King Swings has been crafting high-quality, durable, made to order swing sets for the past 35+ years. Each swing set or playhouse is customizable, delivered, and installed in your backyard, making us a one-stop shop for your swing set needs. We are also manufacturer-direct, which means you get to work with our in-house teams, not outsourced crews that aren’t sure what is happening.

We get it. This is a big purchase for you. We treat every swing set or play house as if it were as valuable to us as it was to you. Read our Google reviews, and when you are ready, contact us to bring the playground home!

Justin Doutrich

Dad to three kids, Justin knows how important it is for children to get lots of physical exercise. His time as a school teacher reinforced that idea. He is passionate about creating fun, enjoyable playgrounds that are safe but full of learning opportunities.

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