I fully understand the impact a child has on their environment. I have watched objects crushed, broken, bent, busted, cracked, chipped, chiseled, marked, dinged, and dented. You need durable swing sets and playhouses to withstand the wear and tear our children can create. Will a King Swings swing set or playhouse stand up against this force of nature?

In this blog, I will lay out the durability of a King Swings swing set and playhouse against normal use and even use by adults. This is not talking about acts of wanton violence against the playset. Let’s start with some weight limits as a test of durability.

Weight Limits: Defying Gravity

This image shows our head of customer service and office administrator, Shanea, coming down a slide.

How much something can hold is a good determinant of its strength. Obviously, a less durable swing set couldn’t support as much weight in the tower or on the swing beam. A durable swing set can handle more. Pretty simple.

If you have watched any of our videos, you will see me clamber all over our playsets, swing on the swings, and go down slides. I am about 228.5 on a good day, so our sets are strong. The waterfall slide is the only thing I am really pushing on weight limits but more on that later.

Here are our common weight limits:

  • Towers: With its Trex® flooring, our towers can handle 1,000 lbs. That is basically four of me on a really good day.
  • Swing Beams: 700 lbs collectively. That means me, my wife, and my 8-year-old son are all swinging at once. Now, if you put two big dudes on there and they really go for it, you will see the swing beam swaying and moving, but it won’t break.
  • Climbers: Our climbers can hold 250 lbs at once.
  • Slides: All slides, except for the waterfall slide, can hold 250 lbs. Waterfall slides can handle 220, so they whimper a bit when I go down them.
  • Connectors: Our tunnel connectors can hold 250 lbs, while our wobbly and solid bridges can handle a whopping 1,000 lbs.

I think you get the point. Our swing sets and playhouses are designed to handle even adults. This is because each swing set or playhouse is built tough and strong. And they are heavy.

People ask us if we can “just lift the swing sets over our fence.”
No. No, we can’t. We build high-quality, durable, and strong playsets, not cheap swing sets you can move on a whim.

But weight doesn’t tell the whole story. What else makes our swing sets and parts durable?

Quality in Every Piece

This image shows our install crews putting together a turbo tube slide.

King Swings uses high-quality components to make our swing sets and playhouses. And on top of that, we use local Amishmen to put it all together. The combination is brilliant. Here are some more reasons are swing sets and playhouses are so durable.

  • Hardware: A 4’’ lag screw doesn’t mean much to most of us, but let me tell you something, if you put that sucker into something, it’s not coming out. We use heavy-duty lags, screws, and hardware on your set.
  • Trex® Decking: A household name for porches, Trex® decking allows us to build some tough swing set towers. And climbers, as our rock walls are backed with Trex® decking.
  • 4’x4’ Posts from Ground to Roof: Some swing set companies only take their corner posts up to the railings and then use a small piece to connect the roof. Not us. We take that 4’x4’ from the ground up to the roof, making one continuous, strong structure.
  • Made In the USA: Many of the most significant parts of our swing sets, such as but not limited to the vinyl, the Trex® decking, the lumber, and most of the slides, are made right here in the USA.
  • Handcrafted by Amish: We are not joking. We have 1 “Englisher” in our manufacturing department, but the rest are Amish from all over Lancaster County.

King Swings crafts and delivers a high-quality, durable, long-lasting swing set or playhouse. We want this to be the only swing set you ever need to purchase and that your children will let their children play on it when they come over to visit.

Justin Doutrich

Dad to three kids, Justin knows how important it is for children to get lots of physical exercise. His time as a school teacher reinforced that idea. He is passionate about creating fun, enjoyable playgrounds that are safe but full of learning opportunities.

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