Sometimes, when we jump into shopping for an item we have never purchased
before, we just need a guide. A Mr. Miyagi, Gandalf, a Yoda. -in a very poor
Yoda voice- “Your guide, I will be.”

Here are some of my best tips for first time swing set shoppers:

Use Dual Slides and/or fireman poles

These items are some of the most efficient ways to maximize fun, space, and
budget. Slide races are super fun especially during the summer when you put
a pool at the bottom and a hose at the top. Being narrow, a fireman’s pole
often fits into spaces where nothing else can.

Ball Pits

The ball pit on the playground is by far the most popular thing out there! And,
contrary to popular opinion, they don’t get gross. Being circular in shape, they
allow plenty of air to pass through which keeps the pit nice and dry. The
bottom of the ball pit is floored with Trex decking.

Full-Width Climbers

If your budget and space allow, full-width climbers are much, much more fun
than combo climbers. Full width allows for a full range of motion while climbing
instead which adds to the fun!

Customizing a swing set is a lot of fun though it can seem a bit overwhelming.
Feel free to hit that chat button to ask us any questions. We would be glad to