We all love a good best-seller list or “best of” list. We want to know the best of the best without researching ourselves. That is why we are releasing our best swing sets list for early 2023! Each top-selling playset is packed with great features! Bring the best playground home this Spring!

(If this list doesn’t agree with an email you received, it’s because I literally recounted the sets today! This is hot off the press!)

#3 – Captain’s Castle

This Image shows the Captain's Castle from King Swings

The Captain’s Castle has been on the best-selling list for about three years in a row now. And it is easy to see why. It is imposing to behold and every corner and side is used for something fun!

This swing set serves growing families well. The top 7’ tall tower has an impressive rock wall out the back that can serve as the backdrop for many make-believe hasty retreats. While tall, the 7’ super spiral slide is still a great one for young children. The lower 5’ section is great for the little ones, with a ladder for access and a waterfall slide for fun!

The hammock swing underneath the 7’ tower is also a great addition!

The Captian’s Castle is popular for how versatile its layout can be. If you need the set to be longer, you can rotate the tower and still have the same items in a small package!

This swing set is also easily customized to make it perfect for your needs! Need a 10’ high beam? We can do that! Want a ramp instead of a ladder? We can do that! Want to add a clubhouse under the tower? Yep, no problem!

The Captain’s castle is a great swing set that looks epic and has many fun options. Click here to visit the product page!

#2 – The NEW Cottage

This picture shows the New Cottage from King Swings

Playhouses are always popular, but the New Cottage has really stood out this year! Its smaller footprint and package make it more friendly to smaller backyards and budgets. The playhouse is still large enough to hold several kids at once without dominating your space.

The color and lean-to style roof make the New Cottage a mini Homestead. It has the clean, modern appeal that separates our playhouses from what we played in growing up.

This set is also easily customized to get a few more fancy things. You can do dual slides out the front, add a tube slide to the back, or make it a bit taller and add in clubhouse underneath to keep on the mini Homestead theme.

The New Cottage has delighted families all over the US. Its great combination of fun items, a smaller footprint, and great looks has become popular! View it here!

#1 – 🎊 Sea King 🎊

This image shows the Sea King, the current best selling swing set from King Swings

A real underdog story, the Sea King has lurked in best-seller lists for the past few years. It is running away with the title this year!

What makes it the best seller? The spacious 6’x8’ playdeck means there is plenty of room in the tower for mom and dad to join the play or all the neighborhood children to squish in! That big tower allows all kinds of fun, creative games to take place without them feeling compressed.

The Sea King also is very easily customized. It has an entire back side that is open and ready for fun, and with such a large playdeck, there is room to add a lot or just a few more fun items.

The staircase provides easy access and makes it simple for the kids, mom, dad, grandma, or babysitter to get into the tower. The Sea King has clean sight lines, so you can always check in on the play in the tower.

The Sea King is finally getting its time in the limelight! It deserves it! View it here!

If you have any questions regarding our best-selling swing sets, please get in touch with our swing set design team! They would love to help you out!

Justin Doutrich

Dad to three kids, Justin knows how important it is for children to get lots of physical exercise. His time as a school teacher reinforced that idea. He is passionate about creating fun, enjoyable playgrounds that are safe but full of learning opportunities.

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