Why do the colors of the swing set need to look like a clown sneezed his makeup on it?

The last thing you want in your backyard is a swing set brimming with bawdy colors, bright plastic pieces, and tacky materials.

Do you have to sacrifice the beautiful appearance of your backyard to get a swing set?

No. You don’t.

Swing sets can be beautiful, chic, and, dare I say, classy.

Our new gray color is as classy as a well-dressed silver fox holding a glass of expensive red wine while giving you a tour of his arboretum.

Our new gray is as stately as drinking a London Fog while riding your dappled mare across the Scottish Moors in a gently falling rain.

Our new gray is as regal a pair of stone lions solemnly guarding the cobblestoned, tree-lined path to an English country house.

Well, at least we think it is.

Because we believe that swing sets can be beautiful and fun at the same time.

Not convinced? Feast your eyes on these swing sets.

Beautiful, fun, elegant; it’s the swing set that matches your backyard.