King Swings has partnered with the Philadelphia Phillies™ to release Phillies-branded swing sets and playhouses. The Philadelphia Phillies™ and King Swings promote and applaud backyard fun, whether swinging for the back fence or swinging on your playset. The baseball diamond has always been a place for all children to gather and play outside, just like a playground, so the partnership could not have been a more natural pairing.

Partners in Backyard Play

This image shows the ribbon cutting ceremony for King Swings new Phillies™ Playset Series.

Elmer, our CEO at King Swings, has always been a passionate baseball fan. The crack of a baseball bat is a familiar and comforting sound during his Amish summer family gatherings, and this personal connection to the sport fueled his excitement when the opportunity to partner with the Phillies™ arose.

That is why he found himself up late at night at Citizens Bank Park with a crew from King Swings assembling a brand new line of swing sets. The Phillies™ Liberty Bell cast a gentle neon glow on the scene as the crew assembled climbers, attached swing beams, and prepped a fantastic display for the next day’s big reveal.

The following day, Elmer, in front of live TV, was pleased to announce King Swings’ newest lineup, the Phillies™ Playset Series. These swing sets and playhouses, born from a shared love of outdoor play and fun, were proud to wear the uniforms of the Philadephia Phillies™, making them a unique and exclusive addition to our product range.

You can watch NBC10’s Matt Delucia interview with Elmer here:

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Later on in the Morning, FOX29’s Shaynah Ferreira joined Elmer and Janet Malin, King Swings’ CMO, for a ribbon-cutting ceremony. Tom McCarthy, the play-by-play announcer for the Philadelphia Phillies™, arrived to join Elmer during the interview. The two discussed the Sportscaster playhouse when suddenly, the Philly Phanatic joined the interview, and after that, things got a bit chaotic!

You can watch the ribbon-cutting event here:

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Each playset in the Phillies™ Playset Series takes one of our most popular models and gives it a Phillies™ makeover. Let’s explore each set!

The Cottage Playhouse – Phillies™ Edition

The Cottage Playhouse, a home away from home – features our Road Gray colorway styled after the Philadelphia Phillies™ go-to road trip uniform. With an understated charm yet stately presence – this custom playhouse will level up any backyard playtime.

The Cottage Playhouse – Phillies™ Edition has all the fun features of the best-selling standard edition and new fun add-ons, including our Philadelphia Phillies™ roof, decking under the tower, and a lemonade stand with two chairs. This Cottage edition has our Road Gray uniform but is also available in our Red Pinstripes and Sunday Creams colorway.

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Cubby’s Fort Swing Set – Phillies™ Edition

Cubby’s Fort swing set is a pint-sized escape with our new Sunday Creams colorway inspired by one of Philadelphia Phillies™ most beloved uniforms. The Cubby’s Fort playground unlocks backyard nostalgia and provides a place for your children’s imagination to play.

A smaller set, the Cubby’s Fort can fit any backyard and is full of the classic features that make swing sets so much fun! Just like the Philadelphia Phillies™, our Cubby’s Fort has been a winner year after year and is sure to be the center of fun in your backyard! It is also available in our Red Pinstripes and Road Gray colorways, as seen in our other Philadelphia Phillies™ Series Playsets.

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The Sea King Swing Set – Phillies™ Edition

The Sea King swing set is our reigning champion and longtime best-seller. It is only fitting the Sea King wears our Red Pinstripes colorway inspired by the Philadelphia Phillies™ primary home uniform. Quintessentially classic, it’s a true winner in our playbook.

This playset isn’t just about play; it’s about bringing the spirit of baseball into your backyard. With each swing, slide, and imaginative play scenario, kids will create lifetime memories. Designed with safety and fun in mind, this playset uses high-quality materials and craftsmanship to ensure it stands up to years of active play.

The Sea King swing set is also available in our Sunday Creams and Road Grays colorways, as seen in our other Philadelphia Phillies™ Series Playsets.

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The Sportscaster Playhouse – Phillies™ Edition

Introducing the Philadelphia Phillies™ Sportscaster Playhouse, a grand slam addition to your backyard that promises endless fun and excitement for your little ones! This playset, designed in partnership with the Philadelphia Phillies™, captures the thrill of the ballpark and the spirit of America’s favorite pastime.

Kids will love to sit in the playhouse and pretend to broadcast a live game from the sportscasting window. And when their favorite player dings one out of the park, the thrill of ringing the home run bell can’t be matched! Be sure to update the scoreboard as the hero of the moment rounds the plates for home!

So, step up to the plate and bring the excitement of the Philadelphia Phillies™ and the magic of the ballpark home with the Philadelphia Phillies™ Sportscaster Playhouse. It’s a hit with kids and a winning choice for parents!

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Show Your Team Spirit

King Swings wants Phillies™ fans to enjoy all the fun of the ballpark in the comfort of their backyards with a Phillies-branded swing set or playhouse. This one-of-a-kind partnership provides fans a unique opportunity to show their team spirit while having a blast!

King Swings builds modern playsets with heirloom quality. Our partnership with the Philadelphia Phillies™ showcases what we can do and the trust that others put into our brand. We are proud to be partners with the Philadelphia Phillies™ and are incredibly grateful for their team, which has been fantastic to work alongside.

Bring the ballpark home, and go Phillies™!

Justin Doutrich

Dad to three kids, Justin knows how important it is for children to get lots of physical exercise. His time as a school teacher reinforced that idea. He is passionate about creating fun, enjoyable playgrounds that are safe but full of learning opportunities.

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