Poured-in-place rubber flooring is the gold standard for playground surfacing. When you arrive at a public playground, and feel that squishy but solid playground surface, a part of a parent relaxes a little. If your child falls, this flooring will help mitigate any serious injury.

What is poured-in-place rubber flooring? It is made up of two layers. The bottom layer is loose rubber mulch. This allows the surface to be springy. The top layer is an “EPDM top layer,” which sounds like a robot but practically means it’s tough, durable, and won’t let the bottom layer get kicked around.

But that stuff is only available for commercial playgrounds, right?

No! You can get poured-in-place rubber flooring for a residential playground as well!

Here is what you need to know:

Contact for Pricing

While the surfacing itself is fantastic, the pricing situation is a bit of a bummer. The cost of the materials fluctuates continuously. To get a cost, you have to actually contact us for the current pricing, which, yes, we know, is a bit annoying, but there isn’t much we can do about it.

We must see pictures of the site and access points to get pricing. If you have a swing set already installed in that area, we will need accurate dimensions of the playground area.

Site Prep

Your playground site cannot have a slope of more than 12’’ over the entire area, including the buffer zones. It needs to be a level area without dips and rises. While not necessary, installing a gravel bed will provide the best results.

Clear Access

We will need access for a truck to get up to the playground site.

Third Party

King Swings is outsourcing our poured-in-place flooring to a well-respected third-party crew. We aim to bring it in-house but have not done so yet.

Weather Dependant

Poured-in-place flooring has a lot of factors in its installation, and one of the most important is the weather. We need good, clear, warm weather for installation. We cannot install it on cold days.

That about sums up what you need to know about poured-in-place rubber flooring! Contact our swing set design teams if you have any other questions!