Admittedly, our Ultimate Guide to Customizing Swing Sets is long, lengthy, and very in-depth. Judging from the stats, most of you are skimming it, which, honestly, breaks my heart just a little bit.

But we live in the age of short-form content, so let me take another shot at a guide to customizing playsets and making this much shorter.

The Starting Point

A really good starting point is measuring how much of your yard you are willing to give to the playground. Or, if you have a tight space, knowing how much space you have to work with helps us do our best to fit everything in safely.

The Two Customizing Paths

After that, most customers split into two paths. One, they find a set they really like, whether it is a standard set on our website or one they saw on IG. They make a few changes, pick their colors, and that is it. The order is placed, and the playset is delivered.

Others start from the ground up and make a unique playset for their family.

The first path to customizing is the easiest. Take a little time during naps or on the car ride (when you are not the driver), and browse our website and IG feed.

Once you find one you like, reach out to us, and we can make a few tweaks, and there you go, your own custom swing set.

Now for those who want to start from the ground up, here is the process for you.

#1 The Tower

The first step is really to think about what your priorities are. Most customers have a limiting size or budget they stay within and, thus, can’t have everything. If you have a good idea of what is important, it can help guide your design.

Start with the tower, as that is the hub everything connects to. Bigger towers mean more options and space, while smaller towers mean fitting into your yard and budget is easier.

Coupled with the tower is the question of do you want a playhouse. Playhouses make great places for the kids to play and have fun.

#2 The Swing Beam

Once you pick the size of your tower and playhouse, the next important item to pick is the swings. This is because swing beams are large, and you have to make sure the swinging path is clear.

#3 Access Point

Once you pick your swing beam, the next thing to choose is your main access point. Stairs? Ladders? A ramp? Placing this is important because it should be between your swings and any other features. You don’t want children jumping off the swings and running past a slide to reach the access point.

#4 Slides, Climbers, and More Fun Stuff

Now the rest is up to you. With the space that is left, you can add slides, bridges, climbers, and all the fun stuff!

And don’t forget about adding items to go underneath your tower. Lemonade stands, coffee bars, decking, all that can really double your fun without doubling your space.

Once your main fun pieces are picked, now it is time to add fun accessories like telescopes, ship wheels, and the like.

You can do all this with a pen and paper at home and then email us your drawing, or you can call in, and we can walk you through it all from top to bottom.

Often, people who start from scratch have a very good idea of what they want but are unsure how to fit it together. We can help you plan it all out and give you drawings of all the placements and dimensions.


And that about sums up our very quick guide to customizing. You can, of course, go a lot deeper in our Ultimate Guide or get all the sizes of the items in our Dimensions Guide.

As always, we would love to answer any questions you have! We love to help bring the playground home!

Justin Doutrich

Dad to three kids, Justin knows how important it is for children to get lots of physical exercise. His time as a school teacher reinforced that idea. He is passionate about creating fun, enjoyable playgrounds that are safe but full of learning opportunities.

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