King Swings offers a residential and commercial line of playgrounds, but which do you need? If you are reading this, you are likely straddling the line between obviously needing residential playgrounds and obviously needing commercial playgrounds. It’s an awkward place to be, so let me help you out. I have three questions that should clear things up for you.

Is the playground going to be installed in a commercial setting?

Not sure? Ask yourself if children that are not your own routinely use the playground and is liability insurance is involved. If you answer yes to that question, then you are in a commercial setting, but this doesn’t necessarily mean you need a commercial playground.

Churches, daycares, schools, public playgrounds, and others are good examples of commercial settings. Each of these has children coming and going and needs to be insured. However, not all these settings need a commercial playground. The next question is the big separator.

Does your playground need to be inspected?

Here is where you really need to do your research. Check with any local ordinances/codes (such as but not limited to HOAs and local city ordinances), your insurance provider, and any other governing body that is associated with your project.

I can’t stress enough to be thorough in your research. If you need some help, reach out to our head of sales, Katie. She can be reached by email at [email protected].

If your research comes up as a no, then great, our residential playground line is for you! If you find out that you need to pass inspections, then our commercial playground line is the correct choice.

If inspection is needed, which standards do you need to meet?

The next question you need to answer is what standards your playground need to meet. ASTM is a common standard the playground must meet but what about ADA? Knowing this will help guide your choice of playground and playground surfacing.

Our commercial line is designed by certified playground safety inspectors and built to meet ASTM and ADA requirements. Our commercial sales team will help guide you through all the questions you have about which playground and what kind of surfacing. Our official launch is in March, but you can begin your projects today!

If you have any questions about this subject, please get in touch with our head of sales, Katie. She will be happy to help you out.