Sure, you got your slides, swings, and all the other cool pieces of your vinyl swing set. You got the telescope, the ship’s wheel, even the megaphone. You went for dual racing slides on your swing set or playhouse and a tall, soaring rock wall. These features have used up the space first allotted to your swing set or playhouse, but you aren’t done yet. Is there any way to add fun without the footprint?

Your eye turns to the space under the tower of your vinyl swing set. What about that space? How much fun can you pack in there?

Under-the-tower options are a great way to add value and fun to your vinyl swing set without increasing dimensions! Let’s go over some of the best options for under-the-tower fun!

Ball Pits

Ball pits are a great burst of fun on a vinyl swing set! All kids run pell-mell toward ball pits; it’s like their very genetics are attracted to the fun that can be had tossing, jumping, swimming, and burying themselves in the pit.

But do ball pits get gross? Parents ask us this all the time, and the answer is surprising: no, they don’t. Ball pits dry very quickly after they get wet, and with a Trex®️ floor under the bottom of the ball pit, the only mud coming in is if the children track it in with their shoes. A simple no-shoes policy can keep your ball pit clean.


A clubhouse is a playhouse on the bottom of the vinyl swing set. Clubhouses, especially when paired with a playhouse on top of your vinyl swing set, are a fun, flexible part of your design. Whether the clubhouse transforms into a restaurant, dungeon, or fort, it will be packed with kids.

Here are a few key things to remember when considering clubhouses on your vinyl swing set.

The height between the floor and the top of the tower is 1’ shorter than the tower, so the head space in a 5’ clubhouse is 4’, 6’ is 5’, and so on. If you intend to use the vinyl swing set a lot yourself, or you have taller kids, getting a taller tower to put the clubhouse under is recommended.

Picnic Tables

Picnic tables are a great addition to a vinyl swing set. They provide a great place to have snacks, draw, do homework, or read. A built-in picnic table (as shown) is framed into the bottom of the tower, while a loose picnic table removed and placed elsewhere in your yard if the needs arises.

Lemonade Stand with Chairs

The lemonade stand with chairs is a classic addition to a vinyl swing set. It is just so cute! The chairs and lemonade stand are scaled for children, so it is a perfect place to sell lemonade, eat a snack, or just take a break.

We can make just the lemonade stand if you already have your chairs. A lemonade stand by itself is a very popular choice!


As you can see in the picture above, decking the bottom of your vinyl swing set provides a dry, mud-free place for your children to have fun. You now have another area to put chairs, toys, or whatever you want. Or a place to put a swimming pool, sensory pit, play kitchen set, or other outside toys! Decking under the tower is a flexible option that, while not as flashy as a ball pit, provides a lot of value by keeping everyone clean and elevated off the ground.

Sandbox with Checkers Lid

Each vinyl swing set is made with a built-in sandbox. The sandbox is a product of the manufacturing of the set, but you don’t have to use it as a sandbox if you do not want to. If sand is your thing, getting our solid checkerboard sandbox cover is a great way to keep debris and cats out of the sand while adding another fun game to your vinyl swing set!

Railings and Fun Add-ons

We can rail the bottom of your vinyl swing set’s tower. This works great if you are already putting in the decking and chairs. It helps keep smaller children from suddenly exiting the bottom of the tower into the path of the swings. You can also use these railings to attach things like telescopes, spotlights, or ship’s wheels. Also, you can use a Connect-Four-In-A-Row game below your tower as well.

Hammock, Tire, and Deluxe Toddler Swings

Swings like the hammock swing, 3-rope tire swing, or deluxe toddler swing are great additions to put under your tower though there are some rules to follow.

The tower needs to be at least 7’ tall for hammock swings. You will be bumping into the ground if it is lower than that.

For 3 rope tire swings, you need at least a 6’x6’ tower to have enough room for circular motion. You will bump into the 4’x4’ posts if you go smaller than that.

Deluxe toddler swings depend on your set’s layout. Work with your swing set rep to determine the best place to place this swing so it doesn’t interfere with other parts of your swing set.

Connect-Four-In-A-Row Game

The connect-four-in-a-row game creates a great place for your kids to test their wits against each other. The big pieces are a little hand-friendly, and the game is built strong to serve as a railing for the upper level of a tower. The game creates another fun nook for your children while also looking smart on your swing set or playhouse.

Coffee Bar

The coffee bar provides the perfect nook for pretend play, snacks, coloring, and simply relaxing on a beautiful day outside. Because of its versatility, it will be the focal point of fun under the tower of your vinyl swing set. Your kids will be coloring one moment and then acting out creative play the next.

The coffee bar works with or without clubhouse walls surrounding it and can come with or without the chairs.


King Swings crafts premium, made-to-order swing sets and playhouses that can be fully customized to meet your family’s needs and wants! You can take our standard designs and add these fun options under the tower. A Sea King with a ball pit takes our best-selling swing set up to a whole new level of fun! Or, if you want just a simple place to color and chill under the tower, a coffee bar or lemonade stand will do nicely.

Whatever design your family dreams up, King Swings crafts it with premium materials, creating an heirloom quality swing set or playhouse that will endure time. Contact our swing set design team and bring the playground home to get started!