A 20-year warranty? Really?

The temptation in any industry is to display the most impressive-sounding information, even if it is not the most important. The swing set industry is no different.

A King Swings install team Lead is working at unloading a swing set.

As you look around, you may find many swing set companies showing a 20-year warranty on splash lines or value statements. Sounds great, right? Well, let’s dig a little deeper.

And to be fair, King Swings also offers a 20-year warranty on our vinyl swing sets. The difference is that we don’t lead with that bit of warranty on our splash lines. Why? Because that part of the warranty is not the most important!

Before we go any further, I am not saying those other companies are being misleading or deceptive because, if you dig through their warranty info, it is all right there. The 20-year warranty splash is likely due to an outside marketing team that doesn’t fully understand the swing set industry and genuinely thinks it is great!

What I am saying is that you need to educate yourself on what is important. Don’t just go by the simple splashy hype line on a website: dig in! Find out what is covered on your vinyl swing set and for how long.

I would argue the most critical part of the warranty on a vinyl swing set is the top to bottom warranty. How long are parts covered? How long do we guarantee our workmanship? King Swings offers a 6-year warranty on both of those, which is great!

We also offer a lifetime warranty on the wood inside our vinyl swing sets and a 20-year warranty on the vinyl itself against discoloration and fading. I have been here for about 4 years now, and as far as I know, we have yet to have a claim on the warranty for the vinyl fading or discoloring.

The likelihood of the wood rotting inside the vinyl swing set or the vinyl discoloring is so slight that it should not even cross your mind. Sure, it’s great to have a warranty if something goes wrong, but there is a reason we offer as long a warranty as we do: those items are not an issue.

So when shopping for a vinyl swing set, do your research!