Everyone is looking for a perfect match in everything. In this episode of “Swing Sets for Me,” we will visit the big family with a big space looking for a big backyard playset!

How big is a big family? If you are driving a minivan because you need the back row of seats for children, this is you. If you can’t all fit in a single booth at Red Robin, this is you. If your grocery bill is more than the GDP of a small country, you have a big family.

Big Family, Big Space, Big Backyard Playsets

This image shows the cosmic launcher playset lit up at night!

The Cosmic Launcher is a no-brainer for a large family with lots of space. It has tall towers, fast slides, and plenty of space for all kids to play!

A large family has a wide range of ages. The eldest needs fun things to do, while the toddler needs some fun activities for his age. The Cosmic Launcher offers great options for all ages. The older kids will have fun on the 7’ tall tower with the slides and climber, while the younger kids will appreciate the stairs and small slides.

The Cosmic Launcher is a great option for a big family! Check it out!

If you want another standard suggestion, check out the Chateau! This is a great set for families who are past the toddler stage and just need tall towers, fast slides, and fun activities to keep everyone outside. Boasting a playhouse, ball pit, and so much more, the Chateau is a great set for big families with big backyards!

Customizing is King For Big Backyard Playsets

Standard sets are great, but a lot of big families get really excited about customizing their own playsets!

If you want to go the route of customizing, the sky is the limit. We recommend using large towers for a big family to provide enough space for everyone. Double deck towers help provide play areas for your age ranges, with little ones using the lower decks and the older kids, using the taller sections.

A big part of playsets for big families is head space. Keeping the roofs nice and tall so your older kids don’t feel cramped in playhouses or clubhouses is important.

With big families with four or more children, we do not recommend using a monkey bar swing beam. Since you can’t both swing and go across the monkey bars, we advise keeping the monkey bar separate as either a standalone or perpendicular monkey bar.

Another tip for designing a swing set for a big family is to focus on the needs of the children who will use it the longest. Your 11-year-old boy may really want tall climbers, but he is only going to use the set for another 1 to 2 years, realistically. You will get more use out of your swing set by paying attention to what your 3-year-old is interested in. But you are their parents; you know them best, so follow your gut instincts!

You can check out our customizing page here!

Big Family, Small Space, Compact Playground

What happens if you have a big family, but your outside space is, well, not as big as you would like? In this situation, we recommend you check out all of our blog posts on space-saving playsets, but let me give you some standard set suggestions.

Cubby’s Fort is a great playset with a big enough tower and three swing positions. However, if that is just a bit too big, check out the Lodge or Care Bear Castle.

Again, customizing may be your best option for ensuring you have all the right pieces for your family.

If you go the route of customizing, the best tip I have for you is to make sure you don’t make your tower too small. Keeping it at least 6’x6’ allows you more flexibility with what you can attach. Wider towers also have taller roof peaks, as well as just having more space for more fun.


If you find yourself at the helm of a big family, you know that time is precious. If you are looking for a good swing set, a good use of your time is to visit our massive playground! You can let the kids run and test out the various designs while having time to talk to our sales team.

Even if you can’t get out to our playground, we would love to help you out. Reach out to our swing set design team if you have any questions!