Next up in our “Swing Sets for Me” series, we look at you, the Head-Turners. Nope, not talking about your kids; I am talking about you.

Admit it; you like when cars slow down as they pass your house. You know they are checking out your perfectly mowed grass, immaculate gardens, and backyard grill/pool combo. You get a thrill as your next-door neighbor pauses midstride as you unload some new shiny thing.

So what swing set or playhouse do we have for our beloved Head-Turners? Boy, oh boy, do we have a playhouse for you!

(Yes, yes, we know the swing set or playhouse is actually for your children, wink wink.)

The Homestead Playhouse: Guaranteed to Turn Heads

This image shows our Homestead Playhouse.

The Homestead Playhouse made a significant splash when we launched it. With its modern roof, big windows, and aluminum railing, it was and still is a cut above all other playhouses!

You can view the official product page here!

The size alone is enough to turn heads. This monster has an 8’x8’ playhouse with a 3’ balcony on top with an 8’x8’ playhouse on the bottom. It is so large that King Swings’s CEO Elmer toyed with the idea of turning it into an AirBnB. The total height is 14’1’’. Make sure you check your HOA guidelines or local ordinances.

Big Windows, Lots of Light

Playhouses can be dark and gloomy but not the Homestead. The big windows on the playhouse and clubhouse let in natural light. Also, they allow you to always see inside the playhouse to check in on the play. The small windows all open and have screens. This is nice for letting in a cool breeze on warm summer evenings.

Aluminum Railings: Class Personified

The aluminum railings add a touch of clash to this playhouse. The distinguished appearance makes the playhouse almost an extension of your home. Gone are the days of cheap-looking, eye-burning, gaudy plastic playhouses. Now you can have a playhouse that adds to your home and backyard vibe.

Premium Features

The coffee bar in the clubhouse creates a great place for play. Whether that play is make-believe, coloring, or serving snacks, the coffee bar was the highlight during our photoshoots on the Homestead.

Turning Heads on the West Coast

This image shows a customized Homestead Playhouse.

The Homestead has been the centerpiece of many custom, epic swing set designs. The above design is a set we installed in California; trust me, it turns heads with its use of the new railings and modern colors!

So if you feel the need to one-up the new swing set the neighbors just got, this is the playhouse for you!

If you like to stand at your windows, hands smugly in your pockets, and watch as people point and chat about something in your yard, this is the playhouse for you!

If you are the type of person who likes when neighbors ask you about the things you just got, this is the playhouse for you! They will ask you about the Homestead!

After all, you like to turn heads. So make them look twice!