Sometimes you have a beautiful backyard that goes on forever with a meadow, gentle deer, and rainbows. You don’t need a compact playground as you have all the space in the world!

Yeah, that doesn’t describe a lot of us. Some of our King Swings families have small backyards and are trying to maximize the fun that their children can have in a tight space.

And then the developer plops a generator right in the middle of your limited space. What are you going to do now?

Simple. Get King Swings to build a playhouse over the top and put clubhouse walls all around the bottom with an access door. Now you are hiding an eyesore, providing an epic playhouse, and making all the neighbors gawk at your brilliance at once!

To get this genius playhouse design, this family took our White Gold Estate set and raised it up to 7’ tall. This will allow plenty of headroom if the generator needs servicing. After raising it up, they only enclosed the bottom 8×8 area to hide the generator but left a nice little 4’ deck at the front.

Across the front of this deck, they put our popular lemonade stand with chairs making a great little place to have snacks or color. This was a smart move! It added a whole new place to play and hang out without increasing the overall size of the playset!

The playhouse on top of the tower is 6’x8’, meaning you have a very comfortable 4’ balcony out the front of the tower and a 2’ porch on the side. This allows us to connect the staircase, rock wall, and super spiral slide to the right side of the tower, leaving the left side of the playset free and able to snug up against the edge of the yard.

This compact playground succeeded on so many levels. Not only did the playset hide an eyesore, but the clubhouse walls also protects the children from meddling with the generator. Not only does it now provide hours of endless entertainment, but it also doesn’t eat up the entire backyard! And it did all of this while looking amazing!

This family ought to be proud of their design. It sure has gotten much attention, and for a good reason!

Turn heads in your neighborhood! Get started by reaching out to our swing set design team!

This image shows the completed compact playground.