The Ramp Slide

It is a slide! It is a ramp! It is perfect for tumbling and clambering fun!

The ramp slide is a new feature for 2023, and we are very excited about it! Here is what you need to know about adding this exciting new feature to your vinyl swing set!


As with all features attached to a vinyl swing set, the ramp slide will be affected by a slope in your ground. Slides, climbers, and other pieces are forgiving, but the ramp slide will be slightly different.

Because of its length and width, it will be harder to adjust to fit your slope. Choosing the flattest area for your vinyl swing set will be key to a great installation. If you only have rough terrain available, our crew must do more blocking up/digging to get the ramp slide installed on your vinyl swing set.


With all vinyl swing sets, roughhousing is not a good idea. The clambering fun of a ramp slide does lend itself to a more chaotic play on the swing set. This isn’t a problem if all the children are roughly the same age and size, but I would not recommend the ramp slide being your only access point if you have a wide age range. Include something the little ones can climb without needing to get past the fun on the ramp slide such as a ladder or staircase.

Dirt and Scuffs

The ramp slide will show dirt faster than your vinyl swing set. The white surface is beautiful, but if the kids’ feet or shoes are dirty, it will track on the vinyl. Also, depending on the soles of their shoes, you may see scuff marks on the vinyl.

This is not a big deal since vinyl is very simple to clean. Use a gentle cleaner and a rag to remove almost all dirt from the ramp slide and your vinyl swing set.


The ramp slide will only work on the 5’ deck of a vinyl swing set. It would be far too large a piece to scale up to a 7’ tall swing set.

And there you have it, everything you needed to know about the ramp slide!

Personally, I think it is a great addition to any vinyl swing set! All kids seem to need to run UP slides instead of just zooming down them. The ramp slide is built to accommodate that kind of fun!