The Ultimate Playhouse

The Homestead is an amazing playhouse! From the top-story playhouse down to the bottom-story clubhouse, there are so many things to do!

Designed with the idea of a big city set up in mind, our vision is the top playhouse would be the “living quarters” while the bottom is the family-run Coffee shop, Pizza joint, or whatever your kids’ imaginations come up with!

Let’s take a quick tour!

The Top Floor

Built on an 8’x11′ play deck, the top playhouse is approximately 8’x8′ and full of windows! The interior is bright and roomy and has so much space for outside chairs, tables, or man, even a sleepover!

The playhouse has our bubble tube panel attached to the right side of the playhouse, making it a nice little spot to curl up in. Adding a splash of fun to the playhouse and adding to whatever creative adventure is happening at the moment, the 7′ sidewinder exits from the back of the playhouse, creating the perfect escape hatch!

The Lean-to style roof from King Swings

The new roof style is a sight to behold! It is impressive in scale and size! It is durable and beautiful, with metal sheeting on the top and a poly board base under the metal.

Why the poly board under the metal roof? The metal sheeting is great when viewed on the outside but not so much when looking at it from underneath. Adding the poly board really tied the whole visual appeal of the set together, making the playhouse feel like a playhouse instead of a barn.

The Bottom Floor

The big feature of the bottom floor is the coffee bar! Each side has 34” of seating area and is 16.5” wide. The window opening is 44” wide and 30” tall making it the perfect place to hang some curtains on a tension rod or set up some flowers.

The coffee bar is a great little corner for children. It includes two chairs and is perfect for coloring, snacking, drawing, reading, setting up shop, or whatever your children come up with!

2 doors allow for easy access to the clubhouse. Another large window lets in lots of light, so this space also feels so open and airy. As important, these large windows on both the top and the bottom allow you to see into the playhouse.

One thing to note: this space is made for children. Adults or exceptionally tall children will have to do some ducking under the clubhouse to avoid the ceiling.

Metal Railings

A new feature only available for the Homestead is our new metal railings. It takes the visuals of this playhouse up a notch!

Can you customize these railings to attach other slides or climbers to the playhouse? Yes, you can! We can adjust the lengths to allow slides and climbers to attach to the playhouse, but they will not have a top crossbar like our other playhouse sets. Also, you cannot attach things like telescopes or other fun accessories to railings.

Swing Beam and Staircase

This image shows our Homestead Playhouse.

To round out the fun on the Homestead Playhouse, we added our popular high swing beam. This is a great swing beam for kids of all ages! It works great with little ones but shines when the older kids jump on it.

The staircase allows easy access up to the top of the playhouse. With no crossbeam to duck under, the staircase is the best climber for adults or large children. Fitted out with metal railings, the staircase has a regal appearance adding to the overall aesthetics of the playhouse.


The Homestead is a beautiful, functional, beautiful playhouse! It takes all the great things of traditional playhouses, combines the with the fun of a playground, and then completes the vision with our chic, modern look. It is the ultimate playhouse!