As summer turns to fall, we took a moment to assess which standard swing sets have been the most popular this year.

Now, the list is a little misleading as some of our playhouse sets would have topped the pile, but many of those get heavily customized, so they do not fall into the standard set category. If they would, sets like the Mansion or Palace would have taken high spots on this list.

But for the sake of keeping it simple, let’s just look at which standard swing sets have been the most popular. Let’s start with number 5!

#5 Teddy’s Tower

It was a close run for the 5th spot, but Teddy’s Tower came ahead of the rest. What makes this swing set such a reliable option is that it is compact and in a great price range for those who are looking for just a standard swing set.

#4 Starboard Escape

It is easy to see why the Starboard Escape is such a popular swing set! With two slides, a swing beam, and a rock wall/ladder combo in the back, the swing set is full of fun options!

#3 Cubby’s Fort

A best-seller year after year, the Cubby’s Fort is the classic swing set with all the premium features. A plastic roof, rock wall/ladder combo, monkey bar swing beam, slide, and a few fun add-ons make it an all-around amazing swing set!

#2 Captain’s Castle

This Image shows the Captain's Castle from King Swings

It is easy to see why the Captain’s Castle ranked so high on this list. With the two different deck heights, there is something for a wide range of kids to enjoy. The rock wall on the back provides a great challenge, while the two slides are fun for even little kids!  It is a very visually impressive swing set packed with great features!

#1 The Sea King

Honestly, this surprised me. The Sea King is one of my favorite swing sets and is one of the most popular swing sets for people who shop on our playground, but it is notoriously hard to photograph. What makes this swing set so popular is the spacious 6’x8′ play deck. This provides so much space for all kinds of fun play!

It has all the best features, a full rock wall, staircase, monkey bar swing beam, and a slide. It is a very versatile swing set, friendly for even the youngest up to older kids!