We love questions and field many questions in a day’s time regarding our vinyl swing sets. Here are some of the most common questions about vinyl playsets and playhouses.

“What is a vinyl swing set?”

A vinyl swing set is simply a swing set that is made out of wood that is slipped into a vinyl sleeve. You get both the durability and flexibility of a wood playset and vinyl’s longevity and maintenance-free qualities!

“What are the benefits of adding vinyl to a swing set?”

There are three major advantages. 1) No splinters! 2) Longevity. 3) Resistance to nature.

“Does a vinyl swing set squeak?”

Yes, you will hear a bit of squeaking when children swing on the swing beam. You can use a bit of WD40 to minimize the squeaking.

“Does a vinyl playset crack in the cold?”

Short answer, no. The longer answer, it can if you are trying to screw something into the vinyl in the extreme cold. For example, if you purchase a spotlight and want to add it to your set, do not screw the screws directly into the vinyl. Instead, predrill the holes or wait for warmer weather.

“Does vinyl stain?”

In general, no, vinyl doesn’t stain. If you weed whack around it, you will see grass “stains” on the vinyl, but you can clean those off. However, be careful spraying yard chemicals near the set, as some of those products can negatively affect vinyl.

“What do you use to clean the vinyl swing set?”

A simple cleaner such as, no pun intended, Simple Green is a great choice. Using a soaking agent like Wet&Forget is a great option if you have heavy algae build-up or deeper dirt. Also, gentle pressure washing should take care of most dirt.

“Can I weed whack against the vinyl playground?”

Assuming you are using a string weed whacker, whack away!

“What color options do I have for the vinyl on my swing set?”

You can choose between white vinyl with gray decking or ivory vinyl with brown decking. Bright white really makes the set pop while ivory is that classic look. Ivory also hides dirt a bit better.

“Does a vinyl swing set get hot in the sun?”

Let me speak out of both sides of my mouth. On one hand, things like the slides get hot in direct sunlight. However, I have clambered all over these sets in some nasty hot weather and don’t remember the vinyl as hot. That could be because you really don’t come in contact with the vinyl very much during play. Regardless, if the vinyl is too hot, I can guarantee it is too hot to play outside safely.

“Is a vinyl swing set worth the extra cost?”

That is for you to decide. However, there is a reason we offered a shorter warranty on our wood sets than our vinyl sets. Vinyl sets last longer and look better doing it. Also, they require significantly less maintenance.

“What maintenance does a vinyl playground require?”

Not much. We suggest a walk around at the start of Spring to check for any loose hardware. You can clean it now and again, but that is up to you. That is about it for maintenance!

“If I get a vinyl swing set now, can I add on to it later?”

Yes, vinyl swing sets can be added on in the future.

Hopefully, we covered all the questions you could think up about our vinyl swing sets. But if we missed one, feel free to contact our swing set design team! They are standing by to help you with your swing set purchasing journey!