Wood Swing Sets vs Vinyl Swing sets vs Metal Swing Sets

There are three major types of swing sets: vinyl swing sets, wood swing sets, and metal swing sets.

“Which is best?” you ask.

“It depends,” I respond.

“Wait, you are not just going to say vinyl swing sets are the best?” you counter.

“No,” I retort, “It depends on what you need and what will be the best for your family. So shhhhh, and read on.”

An wood swing set.

Wood Swing Sets

Let’s face it, when someone says swing sets, most people think of wooden ones. Wood swing sets offer a natural look and feel. They are usually made from cedar, pine, or redwood and can be stained or painted to match your backyard decor.

Wood swing sets are sturdy and durable, but they do require some maintenance to keep them looking good. You’ll need to treat the wood regularly to protect it from the elements, and it may also need to be repainted or stained from time to time. In general, we recommend refinishing every two years and restaining every three years. Also, wood swing sets produce splinters, so if you are a wimp like me, that is a big deal.

As with everything, you get what you pay for in a wood swing set. Don’t expect a cheaper big box store swing set to outlast a custom Amish-made wood swing set.

The Royal Palace Playhouse

Vinyl Swing Sets

Vinyl swing sets are made from a vinyl sleeve with wood slid into the sleeve. This makes a durable finish that practically doesn’t fade, resists weather, and needs no maintenance.

In general, most vinyl swing sets have a better warranty than wood swing sets because of their durability. Also, vinyl swing sets are easy to clean as all you have to do is spot-wash dirty spots or give it a good pressure washing from time to time. For more info on cleaning, check out this blog post. And, thankfully, for a wimp like me, there are no splinters!

With those benefits, you can expect a higher price tag, but while your neighbors who bought a wood swing set are out restaining or refinishing, you will be sitting in the shade, sipping a cool drink. Try not to make fun of them. One loud sip and contented sigh are enough to get your point across.

A metal swing set

Metal Swing Sets

Metal swing sets are made from steel, aluminum, or other metals, and they are known for their durability and strength. They are resistant to weather and fading, and they are often easy to assemble and disassemble, making them a good choice for people who move frequently. However, if the swing set is cemented into the ground, this can be a problem to get out and move.

Metal swing sets can be less attractive than wood or vinyl sets as the metal construction gives a commercial vibe. Metal swing sets can vary in price from cheap ones from big depot stores all the way up to expensive commercial-grade swing sets. As with all other types, you really do get what you pay for.


To sum it up, the best material for a swing set depends on your family’s needs and preferences.

Wood swing sets are a classic choice that offers a natural look and feel, but they require maintenance. Vinyl swing sets are low-maintenance and easy to clean, but they are more expensive than wood sets. Metal swing sets are durable and robust, but they can be more expensive and less attractive.

Why doesn’t King Swings offer wood swing sets? We decided a few years ago to focus only on vinyl swing sets as, in our opinion, they are the better product. Why sell an inferior one? However, that may not be true for your situation, so if you are in the market for a good wood swing set, we suggest checking out Cedarworks Playsets. Currently, we do not have any recommendations for residential metal swing sets.

If you have any questions about our vinyl swing sets, please feel free to reach out to our swing set design team. They would be happy to help you out!