Below is a video we made of us answering some of the most frequently asked questions about our sales process, upkeep, and even some funny office questions! Watch the video below, or read the questions and answers beneath that!

What happens if my yard has a bit of a slope?

We can work with a slope of 12’’ over 20’. If you have a slope, we will need to dig down and block up the tower to get it level. A simple way to measure this is to take a twine that is 20’ long, hammer in a stake in one end, tie it level, walk out 20’, and then pull it tight and level. Measure the distance between the twine and the ground and you have your slope measurement over 20’.


How do you anchor the swing set into the ground?

The tower is very heavy and built to be tip-proof so we do not anchor the towers. We do use 18’’ spikes to anchor the swing beam’s A-frame into the ground.


Does customizing cost extra?

No. We love to help parents design their own swing set so there is no cost for customizing. The cost only changes as you remove or add components.


How easy is vinyl to clean?

Very easy. Just spot wash as needed with a simple cleaner or give it a gentle power washing. We typically use Simple Green as our cleaner of choice as it is a gentle cleaner and smells good. Now if your child really scratches the vinyl deeply, steel wool works like magic.


Where do you deliver and install?

We regularly service PA, NJ, DE, MD, NY, and parts of CT and VA. We also service parts of MA, FL, TN, NC, SC, WV, and GA. However, these areas normally have longer lead times.


Do we get to pick our colors?

Yes, you can mix and match colors. The one firm rule for colors is that ivory vinyl has brown decking while bright white vinyl has gray decking.


How does scheduling work?

After the order lands on my desk, I try to get a tentative date within a week or two. I then email, call, or text you with the date and time of your delivery.


What is the warranty?

We offer a 6-year warranty on the vinyl sets on our labor and the parts as well as a 20-year warranty on the vinyl itself against discoloration or fading. The wood that is inside the vinyl sleeves are backed by a lifetime warranty against rot, decay, and insect damage.

Do you really have a free playground?

Yes, and it is 100% free. Bring the whole family out to play or to test out our swing sets. If you are lucky, Copper the cat or Bud the terrier will come running out to say hi!


What happens if I have a problem with my swing set?

If you are experiencing any problems, take a picture or a video and send it to our customer service team. The team will then review it and draw up a work order if applicable.


Can adults swing on the playset?

Yes, they can. I (Justin) am about 225 lbs and it can handle me fine. All swing beams will sway a little when adults use them but that is like a tree in the wind; it is what is supposed to do. The beam is plenty strong enough to support adults.