Why are swing sets worth the purchase? Do playsets benefit your children?

Let’s get this out of the way. King Swings is a swing set company, so our answers may be slightly biased. Just a little. 

But what if King Swings steps out of the way with our fancy marketing and we let our customers speak? What benefits would they list from owning a swing set and from swinging, sliding, and playing outside?

We have done a lot of customer interviews over the past few years as we rebranded back in 2021, and since then, we have traveled to many homes to talk to and video our customers enjoying their swing sets. King Swings’ youtube channel is full of reviews, but most of us are pretty busy these days, so let me bring up 2 interesting benefits of owning a swing set that our customers have touched on. 

A child is peeking through a telescope on a swing set.

The Rythm of Play

As a dad of three, I am learning the value of structure in our family life. Rhythms provide a safe road to travel throughout our days, and our customers note how playing on the swing set became an important part of their daily rhythms. 

The swing set is not just something to do outside but is an anchor in the day’s events. One Mom spoke of her child playing before and right after school as a healthy rhythm to get all the extra energy his little healthy body produced. It is like a safety valve that lets off excess steam so the child stays happy and regulated. It is not just the playing outside on the swing set, but the daily, rhythmic use of the swings added benefit to their family life.

Peer Relationships

Yes, I know this is a common talking point on the value of swing sets but let me take it a bit deeper.

I find it interesting how often our customers speak of their play set becoming the hub of neighborhood play. Children knock on the door as soon as our customers come home to see if they can play on the swing set with their children. 

And this all is happening in the safety of your backyard. You get to see who your kids are playing with and what they are doing, and you are providing that safe, fun environment. These parents feel satisfaction and pride as they talk about how all the neighborhood kids converge on their swing set. 

The benefits of owning a swing are far greater than just the two we talked about today but don’t take my word for it. Jump over to our Youtube Channel and listen to what our customers say about their play sets.