How did a grass seed/hazelnut farm hand come from the green fields of Oregon to work in a vinyl swing set company?

Justin is from the great state of Oregon, but he was born right here in Lebanon, Pa. His family moved west when he was very young, so all he has known is the broad, green grass fields of the Willamette Valley.

He has had varied work experience, first working on a masonry crew and then being laid off during the housing crash of 2007-2008. He then taught 3-5th grades at a small Mennonite school for four years. He met his lovely wife at a Bible School in Indiana and convinced her to marry him, leaving her Canadian homeland behind.

After his years of teaching, he took a job at a local farm and spent the next few years tending hazelnut orchards, sacking grass seed, and all the many odd jobs working on a farm brings. 

One day, both Justin and his wife realized they needed to make a change. Their son struggled with asthma in the dusty Oregon summers, and Justin, though he loved the farm, felt the effect of the hard work on his body.

The next thing they knew, they both felt that Lancaster, PA, would suit them. A brother-in-law hooked Justin up with King Swings, and Justin joined the team in 2019. His first role was as a salesman, doing his best to sell vinyl swing sets, and this was the first time he had ever worked in sales or an office.

As his first swing set season ended, an opportunity suddenly arose where he could take over the marketing from outside companies. He presented a plan to Elmer, the owner, and they both agreed to give it a whirl.

Fast forward to 2022, and he is now the marketing director for King Swings. His daily activities include running marketing campaigns, appearing in video content, and spreading his unique brand of chaos with nerf guns. 

One day, he hopes to return to Oregon to work with people who struggle with addictions, but for now, that lies in the future. For now, he is dedicated to making everyone’s experience with and at King Swings enjoyable.