“Do I need a mulch pit for my swing set?”

Simple answer: no, you don’t have to get a mulch pit.

But as time passes, more and more King Swings families are springing for the mulch bed. It is not surprising: there are significant benefits to installing your swing set into a mulch bed. Here are a few!

  • Improved Safety – Wood chips and rubber mulch provide excellent impact attenuation. This is the most common reason why people get a mulch bed.
  • Ease of Upkeep – No need to mow around the set while dodging swings and slides. A mulch bed makes the yard upkeep around the swing set simple.
  • Dedicated Play Area – A mulch bed creates a dedicated play area to pile in your other high-impact toys like teeter toters or monkey jumps.
  • Keep Bugs at Bay – Rubber mulch doesn’t attract insects around the play area.
  • Visually Impressive – With our Beuta Edging and colored rubber mulch, you can create an impressive play area that looks complete, fun, and inviting.
  • Keeps the Swing Set Cleaner – A mulch pit helps keep the mud at bay.

Let’s jump into some of the most common questions we get regarding mulch from shopping Moms and Dads.

“Do you do the landscaping?”

Weed guard being rolled out on a job site.

If you mean do we install the mulch bed, then yes. We bring in the mulch, landscape fabric, and the Beuta stones. Typically, the mulch bed is made the same day as the swing set though depending on the size of the job and location, the mulch may be installed later by a dedicated mulch crew.

We do not level the land. We work with the site as it lies. If you need a landscaping crew to come and move dirt around, we can suggest a good local company.

“If we get a mulch bed, do you install it right on the grass?”

Rubber mulch being installed on a swing set play area.

Yes, we install it directly on top of the grass. We lay down an industrial-strength weed guard which normally kills the grass. If you have nasty weeds or aggressive vegetation of any kind in the mulch bed area, we recommend spraying those out before we arrive.

“I just want the set now. Can I get the mulch later?”

Yes, we can come in and install a mulch bed after the set is installed. Because we cannot lay the paper all the way across the ground, we do recommend spraying out the grass right around the framing of the set to kill it.

“What is the difference between wood mulch and rubber mulch?”

Wood mulch next to our sandstone Beuta landscape blocks.

Wood mulch is a smaller upfront investment than rubber mulch but will require more replenishment over time. Rubber mulch doesn’t biodegrade, so the replenishment rate is significantly lower. On top of that, rubber mulch provides superior fall protection.

Plus, honestly, a rubber mulch bed looks epic and high-end. It really takes your swing set to the next level.

“If my dog eats the rubber mulch, should I freak out?”

Rubber mulch in a swing set play area.

No, our rubber mulch is non-toxic. It will be just fine, though slightly awkward, when Rover passes it.

“Does rubber mulch stain my kids’ clothes?”

No, rubber mulch does not bleed color or stain.

“Does the rubber mulch stink?”

Beuta landscapes blocks are flexible which allows beautiful contours.

Fresh out of the bags, you will catch a bit of odor which should dissipate after a few days of being out in the sun. Rubber mulch doesn’t retain moisture, so as long as the ground is adequately draining water, there should be no smell in your mulch.

“Is rubber mulch made from recycled tires?”

A picture showing a bird's eye view of a King Swings commercial playground.

Yes, and it is guaranteed to be 99.9% steel free.

“How much mulch should I get?”

Pictured is a customized Cubby's Fort Swing Set.

We recommend 3’’ for residential applications.

“What is the maintenance for wood or rubber mulch pits?”

rubber mulch in a mulch pit under a swing set

Wood chips biodegrade over time and will need to be replenished when it starts to get low. Rubber mulch doesn’t biodegrade, but both types should be raked out to level occasionally to ensure proper impact attenuation.

If leaves or other debris fall into the pit, use a leaf blower to clear the mulch.

“What are the landscape stones made of, and how are they secured?”

One of King Swing's install crews is installing Beuta Landscape Blocks.

Our Beuta Landscape stones are made right here in Lancaster County. Made out of rotationally molded plastic, these stones are perfect for playground edging as they look amazing but are much safer than stone or railroad ties should a child fall against them. On top of that, they are string weed-whacker proof.

Each section is attached to the section before and behind, plus each piece is anchored with two landscaping spikes. This creates a flexible, strong border around your playset.

If you have any questions regarding mulch pits, please reach out to our swing set design team! We would love to help you out!