Did you know that all of our sets are customizable?

Customizing is free, and we are always happy to design the sets with you!

Most customers take one of our standard sets and tweak the design till it's just right. Some, however, like to start from scratch and build their own epic swing set!

There is a lot of information to ingest when it comes to customizing a swing set. If we tried to fit it all onto one page, it would be very overwhelming!

Follow our simple steps below and spend a little time reading each link. When you are done, you will have everything you need to design your own swing set!


Browse our products then read our Ultimate Guide to Customizing and scroll through the How it Works page.


Decide what are the most important features. Read our blogs like our Guide to Slides and others guides.


Draw out your plan! Spend a lot of time on our Youtube Channel watching videos like our Deck Size Comparison.


Call, email, or chat with us. Our team will look over your design and help you refine your swing set.


Read our Color Options blog and then finalize your order by placing a deposit over the phone!

Call in and we will design it for you!

Give us a list of what you are looking for and our team will work with you right on the phone to come up with a build and design. Fill out this form or give us a call at 717-687-8210.

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