Bargain Corner Swing Sets!

Our bargain corner is your chance to get a King Swings swing set at a significant discount!

Scroll through the sets below, and if you have any questions or want more details on a particular model, hit the call now button!

Each swing set is:

  • A lot model or photoshoot model – this means you will see normal wear and tear and possibly a few small holes where items were hung.
  • Delivered and installed – our regular crews will deliver and install the set for you—no need to pick it up.
  • Not customizable – Sorry, the swing sets are sold as is and cannot be changed, though you can add additional swings.
  • Covered by Warranty – The warranty does apply, but only on new issues.

Browse away, and be sure to contact us if you have any questions!

Set #10 - Bright White, Black, and Red Cosmic Launcher



30% Off!

Our lot models are delivered and installed by our crews. The warranty on the lot model remains the same; it just does not cover any wear and tear already on the set. Prices do not include taxes, delivery, or installation.

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All sets are being sold as is. There are no customizations allowed. The following descriptions are not a comprehensive list of everything on the set. All of these sets have been staged outside, used in photoshoots, or used on the King Swings playground. These sets may have small holes in the vinyl or spindles for holding signs or decorations. These sets have been on the playground and used by local children. Hence, there will be some fading of some items, scuffs, marks on some slides, and dirt on the playsets. Our crews will not clean the sets.


  • Ball pit has been slightly depleted, and there are balls ripped apart
  • There will be some holes in the vinyl (crew should use filler screws)
  • There are command hooks on the set from photoshoot
  • The clear panels have some marks on them
  • The sunburst logo is peeling
  • The cargo net and rope is fading