Play Delivered and Installed

King Swings values transparency with our customers, so in this blog post, we will lay out our delivery and installation prices. If you have any questions, contact our swing set design team.

Make you read to the bottom to get all the info on our delivery and installation coupon!

And just to be clear, this only applies to King Swings swing sets. We do not move, deliver, or install other manufacturers’ swing sets.

Let’s start with a simple list of where we deliver and install. We service — deep breath — PA, DE, NY, NJ, MD, CT, MA, RI, ME, NH, VT, VA, WV, NC, SC, GA, FL, GA, TN, AL, MS, KY, OH, IN, IL, MI, WI MN, IA, TX, and parts of UT, CO, CA, AZ, NM, ND, and SD

If you didn’t see your state in there, don’t panic! Give us a call, and we could possibly swing by on our way to another State!

A King Swings install team Lead is working at unloading a swing set.

Delivery & Installation Fee

The delivery and installation fee is calculated based on the distance from our office in Parkesburg, PA 19365.

  • < 1 hour – Free
  • 1-2 Hours – $149
  • 2-3 hours – $249
  • 3-4 hours – $349
  • 4-5 hours – $549
  • 5-6 hours – $649
  • 6-8 hours – $749
  • 8-10 hours – $849
  • 10-12 hours – $949
  • 12+ hours – Starting at $1049

Long-distance routes are the most heavily impacted by fuel prices and how often we are traveling to that area.  If you are in those states, please contact our sales team to get the cost of delivery and installation.

Rubber mulch being installed on a swing set play area.

How is my Delivery and installation Fee Determined?

To keep it simple, we google map your zip code and go with the time frame given as that reflects average times to destination.

We do our best to keep delivery and installation as affordable as possible. This is why your swing set is part of a load that services your general area. The more full loads of swing sets we can line up in an area, the more aggressively we can price our delivery and installation.

If you want to see where we service, read this blog!

King Swings install team hard at work.

The Coupon

We offer a $99 delivery and installation coupon to the states of PA, NY, NJ, MD, and DE. If you live in those states, it can help save you a bit of cash!

Why is the coupon only valid in PA, NY, NJ, MD, and DE? As much as we would love to offer the coupon to everyone, we do have to cover our costs. The coupon is valid in these states because we routinely cover the entirety of these states.

We also offer a $349 delivery and installation coupon for VA, CT, and MA.

How do you get this coupon? To receive this coupon in your inbox, join our mailing list either by the pop-up on our website or the sign-up form at the bottom of the home page.

We do our best to keep our delivery and installation process and prices straightforward and easy to understand. If you have any questions, please feel free to click that little chat icon on your screen to speak to Katie, Crystal, Nicki, or Ruth. And possibly Elmer, the owner, but he is not supposed to do that anymore. 😄