Never bought a swing set before?

Not sure how to get started? Ordering a swing set can seem a little overwhelming initially, but take heart; we broke it down into three easy steps for you! Check them out below!


Measure and Familiarize


The first step in designing a new swing set is to get to know your yard. Measure the space (length and width)  you are dedicating to the playground. This will help decide which playset will fit your space and what fun climbers or slides you can add to it.

Another critical factor is the slope. We can work with a slope of 12’’ over 20’. The closer you are to our max allowable slope, the more we have to block up the set. We recommend getting it leveled before delivery if you have a steep slope. If you are unsure, snap a picture and send it to us.

One last thing to check is how clear the access points are. Do you have any gates? If so, how wide? For most sets, we need at least 4’2’’, 6’2”, or 8’2”, depending on the size of the tower. Do you have any steps or landscaping? Do you have any steep hills or dips? Are there any low-hanging wires or branches?

All of these things can make delivery difficult. Our team will want to know about them before arriving on the property.


Once you get your yard squared away, the fun begins. Please spend some time browsing our website, checking out the various standard sets. Each set is priced and has the recommended space listed. Watch the videos, shift through the options, and start dreaming.

Customize and Order


Once you have checked out our website, you are now ready to customize. Call, chat, or email one of our swing set designers. They will work with you to make sure your swing set fits in your space, is laid out safely, and fits your budget. Don’t worry about asking thousands of questions; this is your playset. We want to make sure you are happy with it.


Once the design is finalized, our team will collect a $500.00 deposit to secure your place in the scheduling queue. The setup team will then collect the balance when they have finished installing your set. You can pay by credit card, cash, or check.

Scheduling and Installation


Once the order is placed, our scheduling team will get to work. You will typically receive an automated email or text within two weeks (or faster) with a tentative date. A week from that date, the scheduler will call to confirm the date and give you an arrival window.


When the crew arrives, they will meet with you to confirm the placement of your swing set. Once shown, they will get to work. Children are welcome to watch; however, the crew uses sharp tools and carries heavy objects. We ask all bystanders to keep a safe distance away.

Most of our standard swing sets take 1 to 3 hours to assemble. Once the crew is done, you will sign off on the swing set and pay the remaining balance. The swing set is ready to be played on, so go on, give it a go!