Where do you deliver and install your swing sets?

We deliver and install our vinyl swing sets and playhouses to the lower 48 states.

Does the ground need to be flat?

For most standard swing sets, we can work with a slope of 12” over 20′. However, for really long designs, large playhouses, or A-frame playhouses, you will get the best results the more level your site.

How long does installation take?

For a set like Cubby’s Fort, it only takes 1-2 hours. For a larger set with mulch, it can take 4-6 hours. Most installs are done in a single day.

Do I need to tell you about gates or fences?

Yes! Because we deliver the tower fully assembled, we need an opening of at least 2” wider than the tower. For example, a Cubby’s Fort has a 4′ x 4′ tower. We would need an opening of at least 4′ 2” to get the tower through.

If your gate is not wide enough, we can remove a fence panel and reinstall it once the set is through. If we do not have a fence panel wide enough, we will have to do a build-on-site. There is an additional fee for both of those services.

What are other obstacles to delivery and installation?

Things like steps, steep slopes, low-hanging branches, wires, or balconies are common obstacles the installation team needs to know about. Our towers are very heavy; we cannot lift them over obstacles like retaining walls and the like.

Does customizing cost more?

No, our sets are priced per item, so the price changes as you include or remove additional items. For example, if you add an additional slide to a swing set, you would be charged just for the additional slide. There is no customizing fee.

What are my color options?

For the vinyl itself, you can choose between ivory vinyl with brown decking or bright white vinyl with gray decking. Brand new for 2024, we now offer black vinyl as well.

Playhouse walls and poly roofs can be blue, red, green, ivory, white, black, brown, or gray.

Slides can be blue, red, gray, or green.

Metal Components, such as corner brackets, can be blue, red, black, or green.

Metal roofs only have two options: black or green.

Swings can be blue, green, red, or gray.

How does customizing work?

Most families see a standard set on our website or a custom set on our Instagram and make a few changes to the design.

Other families start from the ground up and make a truly unique design. Our Ultimate Guide to Customizing blog has everything you need to get started.

Can we customize any design?

Yes,  you can change any of our standard swing sets or playhouses or start from the ground up.

I got older kids, any tips for a design?

Go taller! A 7′ tower allows you to use the high swing beam. A 7′ tall rock wall is a great challenge, and slides at a 7′ deck height are generally faster.

What are the best sellers for 2024?

The Sea King, Palace, Chalet, and Cubby’s Fort are all popular sets for 2024! The Overlook Playhouse, brand new for this year, is also quickly taking off.

Do you have a show room?

Come out and play! Our main office has not one, not two, but three separate playgrounds. Generally, that allows us to display about 12-14 sets at once.