If you want a spacious play deck, look no further than the Sea King! The 6×8 tower is massive and can handle all the nerf gun fights, picnics, tea parties, and anything else your children can throw at it.

The staircase makes this set easily accessible for everyone, while the full-width rock wall adds a fun challenge. Throw in the slide, swings, and monkey bars, and you have a recipe that will keep the children outside day after day!

This Model Includes

Towers: 6’x8′ Play Deck
Slides: 10′ Waterfall Slide
Climbers: Staircase, 5′ Full Width Rock Climbing Wall
Roof Type: Poly
Swing Bar: 3 Position Monkey Bar
Rides: (1) Belt Swing, (1) Trapeze Bar, (1) Plastic Glider
Fun Accessories: Telescope, Ship Wheel, Tic-Tac-Toe

Product Specifications

Border Needed: 98′
Rubber Mulch Needed: 2 tons
Wood Mulch Needed: 6 cu. yds.
Weed Guard Needed: 544 sq. ft.
Total Space Needed: 17′ x 32′


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