Our Story

King Swings is not just another swing set manufacturer. We are a brand that combines the quality and craftsmanship you expect from an Amish business with a modern and innovative approach to product development and marketing. This unique blend is driven by Elmer’s innate abilities and passion for creating the best swing sets on the market. 

In the late 1980s, Elmer’s father and grandfather leveraged their connections to launch what became King Swings. Elmer took over the business from his father in 2014. He set on a mission to bring modern swingsets and playhouses to families while maintaining the craftsmanship and quality they were known for.

Quality of Products & Durability

Being parents ourselves, King Swings knows the toll children can take on objects. That is why we only use the best material to build our swing sets. Trex decking, Georgia yellow pine, stainless steel parts, and much more make our sets withstand children, storms, and, most importantly, time.

Since we use the best, parents can enjoy the swing sets with their children. Go ahead, swing, climb, and slide; the set is strong enough for you to play alongside your children.

Highest Standards & Safety

Children should be able to play outside without the need if mom and dad to be constantly monitoring them. This is why we make our equipment as safe as possible and also why we encourage parents to customize their play set to suit the needs of their children.

Customer Service

We get it; playsets can be a big purchase. This is why we stand behind our work with a hefty warranty. Each vinyl set has a 6-year warranty on all parts and our workmanship. The lumber inside the vinyl is covered by a lifetime warranty against rot, decay, and insect damage. The vinyl itself has a 20-year warranty against discoloration and fading.

A lady is on the phone while taking notes on a pad of paper.


When we say our swing sets are handcrafted, we mean it. Each swing set is built by hand right here in Parkesburg, PA. Our Amish craftsmen hail from all over Lancaster and the surrounding cities. Mose, Chris, and Jack, our manufacturing managers, work alongside their teams, ensuring the highest level of quality and safety.


Purchasing directly from King Swings means you will get our in-house crews coming out to deliver and install your set. Serving the lower 48 states, we work with the install crew leads to provide a smooth, easy installation. Most swing sets take 1 to 3 hours to assemble, and when the crew is finished, the set is ready for your children!

This image shows King Swings' install crews.

The Team

A young Amish family is smiling at the camera.

Elmer King

Owner & CEO

Elmer is the CEO and owner of King Swings. Elmer enjoys sushi, his longhorn cattle, and spending time with his family.

The pond on his farm is famous for the 40′ tall water slide that gives those who dare go down the ride of their lives!

Shanea Doutrich

Office Admin & Head of Customer Service

Shanea is our Office Admin and Head of Customer Service

She enjoys baking and spending time with her nieces and nephews. She lives for crisp autumn days and delicious cups of tea.

Justin Doutrich

Director of Digital Marketing

Justin does paid advertising for King Swings. When not distracting everyone from their work, he can be found eating his lunch much too early.

He enjoys saunas, coffee, and a good podcast. Justin is married to a wonderful wife and is a dad to three amazing children.

Katie Fisher

Head of Sales

Katie is the Head of Sales here at King Swings. She is a tea enthusiast, coffee snob, and always down for an adventure.

If you call, email, or message in inquiring about swing sets, there is a good chance Katie will be on the other end.

Crystal Gingerich


Crystal is our sales person helping you purchase and customize your very own swing set!

Crystal loves coffee and doing pretty much anything outdoors, enjoys music & singing, and will travel anywhere in a heartbeat!

Ruth Fisher

Sales Assistant

Ruth is our sales associate, assisting the sales team in any way she can! She is a big fan of hanging out with her dog, chai lattes, her morning walks, and all things outdoors.

Leisa Shepherd


Leisa is our Accountant, which includes payroll, processing sales orders, and much more.

She enjoys camping with her family and in her spare time, she enjoys working on puzzles and diamond art painting.

Nicki King


Nicki is a salesperson helping you purchase and customize your very own swing set!

Nicki is a big fan of her cousins, snow, road trips (She’s driven to all of the lower 48), themed parties, and mountains. She likes backpacking and watching hockey. Nicki also loves missions.

Trina Good

Customer Service Rep

Trina is our Customer Service Rep!

Trina enjoys anything involving the outdoors, hanging with friends and family, and sipping on a good cup of matcha.

Blake Greenly

Commercial Salesman

Blake is a salesman at King Swings Commercial.

He enjoys personal fitness, participating in any kind of sports, and spending time with his friends and family.

Maddie Beiler

Administrative Assistant

As the Administrative Assistant, Maddie is our bright and beaming face that keeps us all moving forward!

Elmer's Farm

This image shows a mini Scottish Hylander.

Animal Friends

Elmer’s farm is nestled up against King Swings. That means we are visited by Rosa, the Red Fox Labrador, which is a bundle of tail-wagging fun, while Daisy, the mini Scottish Highlander, is beloved by all. Between the longhorn cattle that grace the surrounding field and miniature ponies or horses that Elmer’s sons ride over to King Swings, there is always something barking, moo-ing, meowing, or whinnying on the farm next door!