“I want a swing set that my kids don’t outgrow right away!”

I have heard that phrase many, many times. 

How do you design a swing set that grows well with your children? Is it about what you attach to it? What slides do you have?

Here are three keys to designing a swing set that will keep the kids outside year after year.

Know your Kids

The truth is, your children are the most critical factor. Half the battle is already won if they enjoy playing outside, swinging, sliding, and all that good stuff. 

If they are the more inside type and don’t like going to the playground, you will have a more challenging time. 

With that being said, we can do a lot with the design to keep the children coming back repeatedly. When you are at the playground next time, watch for what your children seem to enjoy the most. Do they swing for hours? Rinse and repeat on the slides? Play imaginative games on the towers? All of those details will be helpful when designing a playground for them.

Taller is Generally Better

Our standard deck height is 5’ off the ground. This is a great height, but as kids grow older and get into the double digits, 5’ may not be exciting enough.

Going up to a 7’ height allows you to attach high-speed slides like the 7’ tall tunnel express slide or sidewinder. The turbo tube slide is also an excellent choice for older kids as the turn is not as tight. 

Another benefit of going taller is all of our climbers become that much more fun and challenging. The 7’ tall climbers are imposing and pack a nice challenge for kids. 

Another important reason to go taller is so you can use the 10’ high beam. The 10’ high beam ensures the swings will be exciting for many, many years.

Space is Key

Spacious play decks and playhouses help spark creative play by ensuring space for everyone and the dog. Consider using 6’x8’ decks or 6’x8’ double decks to provide plenty of elbow room. Also, the wider the deck, the taller the roof peaks, giving even tall kids enough headspace. 

We understand that a swing set is a big purchase, and we are here to answer all of your questions. Call, email, chat or use a carrier pigeon; we would love to help you design a swing set that will stand the test of growing kids.