When I use Airbnb in the future, I will look for listings with natural, chemical-free cedar hot tubs.

My wife and I went to Maine, and one of our rentals had such a hot tub. This cedar hot tub ranks as one of the most relaxing experiences of my life: no chemical smell, no weird feeling skin, just a delightful soaking experience.

I will now actively search and book Airbnb listings with such an amenity. If the listing has a cedar hot tub, I will pay more, go out of my way, and settle for less.

If you own an Airbnb, you are interested in and searching for anything to make your listing stand out while providing greater profits. You could purchase many items to attract customers; have you ever considered a vinyl swing set?

Here is what an Airbnb Host had to say about her swing set purchase:

“As a Airbnb Host we have purchased a swingset through Kings Swings last year. It has been a successful purchase with many good reviews from our past guests. It gives the children a time to unwind & play in our backyard while parents relax or even mingle with their kids on the swingset! I would highly recommend Kings Swings!” -Daniel Dienner

Here are 5 reasons adding a vinyl swing set to your Airbnb will make you more money.

Overcoming Less than Ideal Location

Location is everything, as they say, but not every listing can be within walking distance of the local attraction. So how do you overcome the negative of being further away, not on the waterfront, or not having a stunning view? Install a swing set.

This will appeal to families who are browsing the listings in your area. Mom and Dad will appreciate having somewhere safe to send the kids to play while they pack and unpack the car, let the baby nap, or simply have an hour or two to kill. This allows the children to burn off energy while Mom and Dad get to attend to needed items or rest a bit.

This also gives the children a place to jump, crawl, and climb safely. It is far better to do this on a swing set than on the furniture inside the house. Take it from a Dad with three children, long car rides bring out the wiggles in children. Providing a safe place for these wiggles to be wiggled will be very appreciated.

Attracting Families

Adding a swing set makes perfect sense if your Airbnb is near a family attraction. Families will be viewing what is available in the local area, and having a nice, attractive swing set may be the difference between them choosing you or your competition.

Standing Apart

Speaking of competition, what is your plan to make your listing stand out? If you and your competition are all in about the same location, price range, and similar houses, what can you do to stand out from the rest? Add in a vinyl swing set.

Sets such as the Captain’s Castle or Marble Palace, pictured in all its glory, will guarantee you stand out from the rest. They photograph well and will add appeal to your listing.

New Listing

You are at a disadvantage if your listing is new to the platform. All of your competitors have ratings and reviews while your listing sits empty. Overcoming people’s reservations about seemingly being the first guest is tricky, but if you entice the family with a big, beautiful swing set, they are far more likely to give the new listing a go!

Increased Profits

When it comes down to it, you are using Airbnb to make money. The items you add to the house have to make you money. Why do so many people add hot tubs to their listings? Because if they don’t, and their competitor does, they know they are at a disadvantage. Purchasing a hot tub makes fiscal sense.

A vinyl swing set can help you make money by helping you keep consistent bookings. Also, it will allow you to charge more for each booking. It also helps protect your furniture and other items by letting the children climb, jump, and play on something built to handle it!

This image shows our blue Starboard Escape swing set from King Swings.

Three Things to Consider for A Swing Set

As stated above, installing a swing set for an Airbnb is a smart decision. Here are some things you should consider before installing one on your property.


Think about the location from a parent’s perspective. Keep the swing set far away from anything that could be a hazard. Keeping the playground far from the water’s edge is important if your house sits on a body of water, such as a lake or pond. Mom and Dad do not want to worry about their children wandering off the playground into the water.

Place the swing set so the parents can see it clearly from the house and have quick access. Mom and Dad will want clear sight lines to the playground from windows. Keep the playground away from things like roads, property lines, and your own personal buildings.

A shady location makes an excellent spot for a swing set. Ensure the trees you are installing under are healthy and will not drop any large limbs on the playset.

Playground Surfacing

Installing a mulch bed under a swing set on your Airbnb adds an additional layer of security and safety that allows parents to relax while their children are playing. Should a tumble occur, playground surfacing such as wood or rubber mulch can do a lot to mitigate the chances of injury.

If you are unsure of the differences between wood and rubber mulch, you can click here to read all about it and make an informed decision.

Proper Signage

Adding proper signage on your playground can help protect you. “Play at your own risk” ranks as one of the most important ones, but also including a sign listing playground rules and suggested age range is a good idea.

If getting a vinyl swing set for your property sounds like a great idea, our swing set design team is standing by to answer any questions. You can reach us at 717-687-8210 or shoot us an email at [email protected]! King Swings has been making vinyl swing sets for over thirty years, and we love helping families or, in this case, Airbnb hosts, customize to get the perfect swing set for their location!