Awkward Questions for the Industry

Let’s tackle some of the awkward questions for the swing set industry. We want our customers to have amazing experiences, and part of that is setting correct expectations. So let’s talk about what no one else wants to talk about.

Do slides get hot in the sun?

Yes, they do. If you put anything out in the sun on a blistering summer day, it will get hot. Colors don’t matter either, as the difference in temperature between a blue slide and a gray slide is negligible: both will be hot.

So what can you do about it?

  • Put your swing set in the shade. A little shade goes a long way!
  • Establish a rhythm of morning and evening play during the hottest weeks. Don’t fight against nature; it will win.
  • Add water! Putting a hose at the top and a pool at the bottom is a great way to use the set during hot days!

Do slides collect rainwater?

Yes, they can. Now, this can vary greatly with the slope of your yard. If your slides are steeper because of the slope, they will probably not collect water. If your slope goes against your slides, then your likely hood goes up a lot higher.

Slides such as the super spiral, avalanche, and tube slides have a safety lip for helping the children come to a stop before the end of the slide. This makes the slides far more friendly for little children but does increase the likelihood of water pooling on the lip.

This is natural and should be expected of a slide installed outside. All you have to do is get a towel or broom and swoosh out the water. Or, as it is likely to play out, the oldest sibling will send the younger sibling down first, and presto, the water is taken care of.

Mulch beds add a lot of value to a swing set: what type is right for your family?

Does weed guard block all weeds?

In 99% of installations, it does. However, if you have some nasty grass or weed that likes to grow in clumps, it could cause problems.

Because of all the issues that surround chemical applications, our crews do not spray out your grass. In most cases, the weed guard and mulch kill the grass underneath. If you have stubborn weeds, we recommend spraying the area a few days before the crews install the playset with a spray that kills the roots.

We at King Swings care deeply that our customers are well informed on what our products can and cannot do. If you have any questions, please reach out to the team. We would love to help!