King Swings prides itself on innovation and our constant drive to discover the next new thing for our swing sets and playhouses, be it color, design, or accessory, that delights our customers. Our Naturalist Edition of our Cottage Playhouse showcases our newest take on the modern playhouse: black vinyl with brown playhouse walls. The Naturalist edition of our popular playhouse swing set has a minimalist design that reflects a modern aesthetic.

The Naturalist Edition of this modern playhouse makes it blend with nature. If you have an idyllic setting and are concerned about white or ivory vinyl being too grating with all the natural browns, greens, and earth tones surrounding it, our new black vinyl playhouse or swing sets are the solution.

The colorway reminds you of warm days next to a sparkling lake. With the Naturalist Playhouse, you can capture and bring home summer camp vibes to the comfort of your backyard. It provides the perfect place for the kids to play while you enjoy a crackling fire on a starry night, enjoying all the fun and relationships of camp but none of the discomforts.

How Does the Black Vinyl Work

Black vinyl is an upgrade package that you can apply to any swing set or playhouse. For example, if you want a black vinyl Sea King, you can upgrade from the normal ivory or white vinyl to the black for an additional fee. The black vinyl always comes with gray Trex® decking, regardless of other color options. 

Brown Playhouse Walls

The new brown playhouse walls are available in all vinyl colors. The natural brown tone softens the swing set or playhouse in the background. You do not need black vinyl to use the brown playhouse walls.

Important Notes

While the black vinyl is stunning, like a black car, it shows dust and dirt easily. Scuffs or manufacturing marks are more visible on the black vinyl. And, like that black car, black vinyl does get hot in the sun, so it is best to ensure it is tucked under a shady tree or to build your rhythm of play in the morning or evening hours.

Beautiful but Packed with Fun

The Naturalist Edition of the Cottage Playhouse swing set is not just stunning; it has all the great features that will allow endless adventures to unfold.

The playhouse is 6’x6’ and 5’ off the ground. The windows let in natural light; when warm, you can slide them up to let in a breeze while the screen keeps out the bugs.

The waterfall slide on the balcony provides a fast, fun way out of the tower, while the staircase allows even the youngest kids who are unsteady on their feet to ascend the tower without issue. The staircase serves everyone who wants to use the playhouse swing set; it’s easy for grandparents, big kids, and adults who act like kids.

The monkey bar swing beam combines the joy of swinging with the challenge of a monkey bar. This combination saves space and budget and is a great addition to the Cottage Playhouse.


The Cottage Playhouse—Naturalist Edition demonstrates that playhouses can be stunning additions to your backyard. With King Swings, you do not need to sacrifice the vibe of your outdoor living space for a playhouse. Rather, with our colors and designs, you can create a masterpiece that blends into the surroundings or stands out as a stunning focal point.

King Swings has been crafting made to order swing sets and playhouses for 35-plus years. We use premium materials to create heirloom-quality swing sets and playhouses. Our crews deliver and install each swing set we make, and we stand behind our work with a strong warranty. Contact us today to bring the playground home!

Justin Doutrich

Dad to three kids, Justin knows how important it is for children to get lots of physical exercise. His time as a school teacher reinforced that idea. He is passionate about creating fun, enjoyable playgrounds that are safe but full of learning opportunities.

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