Some people want to rely on experts and have them lead the process. Others? Well, others like to blaze their own trail. We are always glad to help you design your own playset, but some of you like to do all your research ahead of time and come prepared.

This is for you, the deep divers, the scholars, and the research enthusiasts! This is for the people who want ALL the info. 

I present the rough measurement of each main piece that extends from a King Swing’s swing set tower. (Slopey yards can increase/decrease measurement by a few inches. Dimensions are generally rounded to the nearest foot)


18′ Ball Pit Blast3′ from tower
5’ Waterfall/Avalanche8’ from tower
6’ Avalanche10’ from tower
7’ Avalanche12’ from tower
Super Spiral Slides5’ from tower
Turbo Tube Slides5.5’ from tower
5’ Sidewinder8’ from Connection Point
7’ Sidewinder12’ from Connection Point
9’ Sidewinder16’ from Connection Point
5’ Tunnel Express8’ from Tower
7’ Tunnel Express12’ from Tower
9’ Tunnel Express16’ from Tower

Climbers (Access Points, Rockwall, Cargo Nets, and Combos)

5’ Staircase5’ from tower
6’ Staircase6’ from tower
7’ Staircase7’ from tower
All 5′ Climbers3’ from tower
All 6′ Climbers4’ from tower
All 7′ Climbers5’ from tower
5’ Ramp12’ from tower
Fireman’s Pole18’’ from tower

Standard, Monkeybar, and Stand-Alone Swing Beams

3 Positions12’ from tower
4 Positions14’ from tower
2 Position Standard Beam9’ from tower
2 Position Cross Beam3’ each side of tower

Connector (Bridges) Spans

Solid Bridge2’ through 10’ span
Wobbly Bridge8’ span
Tube Bridge3.33’ through 10’ span

Super Spiral Slide Exits

5’ Super Spiral SlideExits right
6’ Super Spiral SlideExits straight
7’ Super Spiral SlideExits left
9’ Super Spiral  SlideExits right

Mulch Calculations

1 Ton of Rubber Mulch300 sq. Ft. 3’’ inches deep
1 Cu. Yd. of wood Mulch100 sq. Ft. 1-inch deep
Find needed rubber mulchL times W divided by 300 = tons needed
Find needed wood mulchL times W divided by 100 = Cu. Yds. needed

As always, if you need any help, please reach out to our swing set design team! They are good at what they do and dedicated to swing sets only!

If you want even more information, check out our Ultimate Guide to Customizing!