Did you know that King Swings offers commercial playgrounds?

After 30+ years of crafting, delivering, and installing residential swing sets, the team is now looking to bring our great customer experience to the commercial world.

What separates a commercial playground from a residential playground?

Once you get past all the measurements, standards, and rules, it really comes down to liability. Commercial playgrounds must be overly safe, so no one can come after the owner or the manufacturer if an injury occurs.

Who needs a commercial playground?

This can vary, but if you are a church, preschool, daycare, school, camp, or in a situation where the general public uses the playground, you may need a commercial playground. You must research what your State, County, and local laws, ordinances, insurance, and governing body require.

It boils down to whether or not your playground needs to pass an inspection to ensure it meets ASTM standards. If it does, you must go with our commercial line. If it does not, you can go with our residential line.

Why go with King Swings Commercial?

Our playgrounds were designed by CPSI inspectors and built to ASTM standards. But most playground commercial playground companies offer that, so what actually separates us from our competitors?

The Experience

We have learned a lot over the past 30+ years about creating a great residential swing set purchasing process. We understand people want to see clear pricing, get all the info, and not be pressured into upgrades. And now, we are taking everything we have learned into the commercial world.

Our website shows the cost of each set by itself. Then if you click on the pricing PDF, you can see the breakdown for many variations of the set with playground surfacing. This helps you get a great idea of the cost of your playground in its entirety.

The Product

Our commercial playgrounds are handmade by our craftsmen right here in Parkesburg, PA. Unlike wood playgrounds, our vinyl sleeves won’t give splinters.

Most of the items on our commercial playgrounds were manufactured in the USA, and our crew will deliver and install the playground for you.

We offer three standard sets but will add to each series in the coming months. We also offer ready-to-go playground packages that are laid out to meet ASTM standards, have the correct amount of surfacing, and include the weed guard and border. This makes it very easy if you are looking for a copy-and-paste solution for your playground project.

The Website

“Enough blabbering,” you say, “Where can I go to see these magnificent playgrounds?”

To experience commercial playgrounds with simple processes, go to www.kingswingscommercial.com.

If you have any questions about our commercial line or residential swing set, our teams are standing by, reading to help!