Why is it a big deal that King Swings is retail direct?

Because we believe that you deserve a dedicated swing set rep who knows the product inside and out. You shouldn’t need to design a custom set with a guy who is the “swing set guy” on a shed lot. You deserve to work with reps who can walk down and speak directly to the manufacturer team or the installation team. You deserve a rep who knows the product intimately and how they interact.

Because we believe that if you have a problem, talking directly to the manufacturer sure beats reaching out to the third party and them reaching out to the manufacturer. Your rep is just down the hall from customer service who is just a short walk to the building bay. No phone tag, no trying to get ahold of the manufacturer. Just great customer service.

Because we believe that your whole vinyl swing set shopping experience is simply better when you deal with a team whose number one goal is to provide a fantastic product and customer journey. Swing sets are not just seasonal things that we add to our proverbial shed lot. Swing sets are what we do every day of the year!

Because we believe that customizing is a huge part of swing set shopping. You deserve a rep who knows how all the parts work together and don’t have to reach out to the manufacturer. No waiting with crying kids as the “swing set guy” calls the manufacturer to see if you can add a certain piece to a swing set. Our reps play on the swing sets, talk to the builders, and they know their business.

Because we believe that you want all of the information and pricing upfront and that you don’t like needing to feel like you have to search for the best price. No need to hide pricing to push you to a dealer, no need to send you on a wild goose chase to a dealer lot that may or may not be open or who may or may not have up-to-date info. Just a clear, easy process from beginning to end.

This picture shows a vinyl swing set with adults using the slides and swings.

From Katie and her sales team to Shanea and her team in customer service all the way to Moses, John, and Chris in the manufacturing bays and over to Allen and his install crews, everyone wants to provide the best customer experience possible. So what are you waiting for? Bring the playground home!