Vinyl swing sets are simple to clean, but what type of cleaner should you use? Can you use a pressure washer? What if you neglected your vinyl swing set for a while, and it now shows algae and moss?

The best way to clean a vinyl swing set is to use a gentle cleaner like Simple Green. It’s fine if you get it on your hands, it isn’t harsh, and your kids can play on the swing set right after you clean it. This can be done with spot washing throughout the year as your kid’s muddy feet track dirt over the vinyl swing set, or you can do this once a year.

If you just spot cleaning, a soft bristle brush with Simple Green will take the dirt off the vinyl swing set. If you are more of a once-a-year cleaner, I suggest soaking the dirtiest spots with the cleaner and then giving the vinyl swing set a gentle pressure washing.

Now, what happens if you live in an area where algae, moss, and other green stainers are in abundance? What is the easiest way to combat that?

I have had great success cleaning old sets with Wet & Forget. Make sure you follow the label’s directions. This cleaner is perfect for use on a vinyl swing set and takes little effort from you to remove light algae or moss.

Here is what I did: on a day that is calling for light rain, apply a good coating of Wet & Forget to the vinyl swing set, making sure it is a good 4 to 5 hours before it rains. Then let the vinyl swing set get rained on.

That is it. Really. It will blow your mind how much algae, moss, and green stays that stuff removes without the need to scrub.

Please note that if you use Wet & Forget, you will have to let the playground sit for a bit before allowing children back on. Follow the instructions on the label.

Now let us say you have not cleaned your set in a long time, and the dirt, algae, moss, and friendly bird droppings are pretty bad. Here is what I suggest.

Start by covering the whole vinyl swing set with an application of Wet & Forget. Let it sit for some time, then come back and apply a coating of Simple Green. Then either pressure washer or scrub the swing set thoroughly. This should remove all the dirt, algae, and bird droppings in one fell swoop. However, if the stains are lingering, a second application of the cleaners and scrubbing a few days later should do the trick.

How often should you clean your vinyl swing set? That really depends on your preferences. A dirty swing set doesn’t mean it is not safe or sturdy; it is just dirty. If you want to set it and forget it, go for it! If you want to give it a monthly cleaning, awesome!

Bottom line, a swing set is meant to be enjoyed and used so it will get dirty. Good thing they are easy to clean!