Swing the Day Away

I, Justin, still remember the moment I performed a flip off a swing. Ok, ok, the swing was not in motion, I was just sitting on it and threw myself backward, and a flip happened to come out of it. But it still counts.

Swings and swinging make up a big, important part of a swing set. It is in the name, after all, but what do you need to know about swing beams, especially about King Swings swing beams?

Well, – cracks knuckles over the keyboard – you have come to the right spot. If you read this whole blog post, you will know everything you need to know about King Swings swing beams. You may even know enough to work for us.

The Five Types of Swing Beams

A child is swinging on a swing.

King Swings offers five different types of swing beams:

  1. 3 and 4-position standard swing beams
  2. 3 and 4-position high swing beams
  3. 3 and 4-position monkey bar swing beams
  4. 3-position standard or high swing beams with perpendicular monkey bars
  5. 2-position cross beam.

Ok, let’s do a brief description of each swing beam, so you have a solid starting point.

The Standard Swing Beam

This picture shows the Marina swing set from King Swings. Several children are playing on it.

The standard swing beam is your traditional swing beam. It is 8’ tall and is strong enough to handle adults swinging on it. This is a great swing beam for all ages.

You can see the 3-position standard swing beam in action on the Marina and the 4-position on the Space Walk.

The High Swing Beam

Shown is the Waver Rider swing set from King Swings. Children are swinging and sliding on it.

The high beam is 10’ tall and is geared for those who really, really like to swing. A child can really get moving on this swing beam. In my opinion, this is the best swing beam as it is great for little and big kids simultaneously.

You can see the 3-position high beam on the Launching Pad and the 4-position high beam on the Wave Rider.

The Monkey Bar Swing Beam

The monkey bar swing beam is very space efficient and great for your budget as it combines a swing beam with monkey bars. Yes, the children will have to navigate past the chains, and no, children cannot swing and use the monkey bars simultaneously.

The monkey bar swing beam can be a 3 or 4-position beam but can only be attached to a 5′ tower for safety reasons. You can see it in action on Cubby’s Fort.

The Standard or High Swing Beam with Perpendicular Monkey Bars

The picture shows a custom swing set from King Swings.

The swing beam with perpendicular monkey bars combines the swing beam with a monkey bar attached perpendicularly to the end of the A-frame. This allows the monkey bars to be their own play area without getting in the way of the swings. You can attach a perpendicular monkey bar to a standard or high swing beam.

To see it in action, check out the Cosmic Launcher.

The 2-Position Swing Beam

The 2-position cross beam is a nifty space-saving swing beam that dangles your swings one on each side of the tower. When you use a 2-position crossbeam, you cannot add items to the swing sides of the tower since the swings will bump into them.

See it in action on the Lodge swing set.

Your Burning Questions

“What is a good height for swing beams?”

In my opinion, the taller, the better. 8’ is a great height for little kids but having a high beam helps the set grow with your children. However, you know your kids, so trust your gut.

“Is it easy to move/swap out swings?”

Yes, it is very easy. All you need is something to stand on to get up high enough to reach the swing hooks. Slide the changes out of the hook and hang up the new one. If you are a visual learner, we have a video here.

“Can I buy additional swings later?”

Yes, you can buy swings from us later. We can ship them by UPS to your door.

“Can I use my own swings? Can I purchase cool swings from Amazon?”

Yes, you can, but there are a few things to consider. If you get a specialty swing off of Amazon, ensure it is not wider than 21’’. If it is, you will need to take up two swing positions with this specialty swing. For example, most web swings on Amazon are far wider than 21’’ and would need to occupy two swing positions to use safely.

Also, ensure you can see the top of the swing on the product pictures to confirm it will slip over our swing hangers. Read how long the swing is to ensure it is not too high off the ground. For reference, our belt swings for our 8’ tall standard swing beam are 64’’ long.

“Can I put the glider, hammock swing, and the 3-rope tire swing on any position?”

The glider must be in the 3rd position by the Aframe. The 3-rope tire swing hangs on a swivel hook, and because of its wide range of motion, it must be in the center of a swing beam with NO other swings on the swing beam.

The hammock is too wide to go in with the other swings and will interfere with the swing’s motion. Neither the glider nor the 3-rope tire swing will work on the fourth position, but the hammock swing is perfect there!

“How does the 4th position work?”

For both the swing beam and the monkey bar swing beam, a 4th position is after the A-frame. Positions 1, 2, and 3 are to the left of the A-frame, with the 4th position to the right (if the swing beam is on the right side of the swing set). You can put most swings there except for the glider and 3-position tire swing.

“What is the difference between the bucket swing and the deluxe toddler swing?”

Both are great swings for your little ones. The bucket swing is the traditional baby swing you see at most public playgrounds. It is made out of the same material belt swings are made out of and is the traditional baby swing. View it here.

The deluxe toddler swing is our own product, made right across the street. It is a solid plastic construction with a tall back supporting the child. A safety belt is included in each swing. View it here.

“How do you anchor the swing beam?”

We drive spikes into the ground and attach the spikes to the A-frame.

“Can adults swing on the swing beam?”

Yes. I am about 229 lbs. and I can swing on the swing beam. Now, that being said, if I really crank it and go as high as I can, I will make the swing beam sway and shake. It is no danger of breaking. Like a giant tree flexing and bending in a strong wind, the wood inside the vinyl swing beam will flex but not break.

If you want to see that in action, watch this video and skip to 1:15 where I am swinging on the swings.

Now, put your phone away; it is time for a pop quiz!

Just kidding! But if you have any further questions, please feel free to reach out to our swing set design team!

Getting the right swing beam is an important part of a swing set. We want you to be happy and for your kids to use the swing set for years. Don’t be shy; ask away!