So you are in your forever home, purchased a swing set, but suddenly you found a better forever home in the next city over. Does King Swings move your swing set?

King Swings does offer swing set moves. The process itself is simple, yet there are some important things to know.

The Process

We need a picture of the swing set to confirm it is a King Swing set. We need confirmation that we have clear paths at both houses, and we need to know when the house is being sold. Once we have all that information, we can get you a cost for the move, put you on the schedule, and get the job done.

Important Things to Know

  • We do not move mulch and border; moves are for the swing set only.
  • We do not move other manufacturers’ swing sets.
  • We only do swing set moves in NY, PA, DE, MD, NJ, and North VA.
  • We do not do long-distance swing set moves. We generally move swing sets from one city to another, not across States.
  • If the original yard was sloped and we had to adjust the heights of swing beams and other parts, the adjusted parts may be able to be leveled at the new site.

If you are in one of the states we don’t service, we recommend looking for a local handyman or general contractor to do the job for you. Make sure you read reviews and that they fully understand the timeline.

If you are reading this, you most likely are interested in a swing set move job. To get started, snap a picture of your swing set and email it to either Katie, Crystal, or [email protected] with the address of where it is and where it is going. They will take a look and get back to you as fast as they can.