Are King Swings swing sets safe?

I am a dad to three kids ranging from 4 to 8, and, to put it frankly, none of my kids are going to support me in my old age with their athletic ability. They are delightfully average in their motor skills.

And they are perfectly safe on a King Swings swing set.

Now, what does that mean?

Children swinging on a vinyl swing set.

Yes, accidents can happen. A freak stumble, a moment of careless horseplay, those things are a reality. I mean, the only bone I ever fractured came from a tumble off a horse because I was laughing too hard. True story.

But as a parent, I can’t live and operate in a world controlled by “what ifs” or freak possibilities. If I do, I will limit my children’s ability to learn and grow.

I have to let my kids climb, run, and play to develop into healthy adults who can assess risk and live safely in a world that doesn’t always have safety rails.

That being said, we build our swing sets to high safety standards.

A child is swinging on a swing.

What allows me to say that? Here are a few reasons:

  • Our 4×4 corner posts go from the ground to the roof, making one unifying solid structure.
  • Our Trex decking is excellent for minimizing the chance of slips.
  • We design our sets to ensure safe zones for walking and play.
  • Our team collaborates with you to make a custom swing set for your family’s needs. We won’t push you to items you are not comfortable with.
  • Our equipment is built tough. Tough enough to even support adults.
  • All of our climbers, except for the cargo net, have metal handrails.
  • We anchor the swing beam to the ground.
  • The openings at the monkey bars have safety ropes allowing you to close the monkey bars if younger kids are using the swing set.

I want to make my set super safe. How?

Here are some simple steps/changes for you to consider. 

  • Add a Mulch Bed – Wood or rubber mulch helps minimize injuries from falling.
  • Choose a Larger Tower Size – With the extra room, there will be more space for moving around.
  • Don’t Crowd Your Tower – Adding too many slides or climbers right next to each other limits how many slats we can use on the railings.
  • Use Staircases or Ramps with Railings – Both of these options are great for children who are not great on their feet yet.
  • Use Swing Beams – Eliminating monkey bars is a fine idea if you are trying to limit risk. You can change any monkey bar to a normal swing beam.
  • Demonstrate the Equipment – Make sure your children know how to use each piece properly.
  • Don’t Allow Horseplay/Improper Use – No shoving, crowding, or climbing up the slides. Rules like these help eliminate risk.

We at King Swings take safety seriously, but we also hold to the truth that unnecessary safety can squelch learning, play, and fun. Ultimately, they are your kids. You know them better than anyone else. Listen to your gut. Trust your instincts. We want to work with you to design a swing set that makes you feel comfortable and is fun and exciting for your children.

So ask us a thousand questions about each piece, and don’t be afraid to “take a long time” when working on the design. It is your swing set. They are your kids. This is important.