What is a vinyl swing set?

So what is a vinyl swing set?

Everyone knows what a wood swing set is or even a metal swing set but what in the world is a vinyl swing set?

A vinyl swing set is when the manufacturer takes the lumber normally used in a wood swing set and slides it into a vinyl sleeve. Have you seen the vinyl posts used for fencing? Yes, it is those types of sleeves.

Why do they do this? Good question! The benefits are manifold. Let’s jump into them!

No Splinters!

We all have experienced that sharp spike of pain as a splinter invades our personal space. On a vinyl swing set, you don’t have to worry about that at all! There is no exposed wood; the vinyl sleeve keeps everything smooth and splinter-free!

No maintenance!

Let’s be honest; no one likes to spend evenings out restaining or refinishing a wood swing set. If you skip it one year, you will likely skip it the next. That is the beauty of vinyl swing sets. Just set it, and forget it.

Easy to clean!

Sometimes our kids find a bit of mud, and guess what, that bit of mud turns into a lot of mud and gets carried everywhere. If that happens to a vinyl swing set, no worries! Just a simple cleaner and scrubbing or a gentle pressure washing will take care of it immediately!


The vinyl sleeve is like a shield for the wood against moisture, sunlight, and all the happy elements. Being an outside product can be hard, but a vinyl swing set can take like a [insert culturally relevant tough thing]. Because vinyl swing sets are more durable, our vinyl swing sets have a longer warranty than most wood swing sets.

We at King Swings believe vinyl swing sets are superior to wood swing sets. We stopped selling wood sets and are only focusing on our vinyl line.

If you have questions regarding vinyl swing sets, click on that chat icon and fire away!

Justin Doutrich

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