The Frustration of Abandoned Toys

I, Justin, have three kids and let me tell you, it is always a bummer to hand them some new shiny toy and watch as they play with it for 4 minutes and 19 seconds, then say, “I am bored.”

The more money I spend on the toy, the more it bothers me.

I know you have experienced this, and I know that, like me, you have toys scattered around the house that have been unceremoniously abandoned.

Will this happen to your swing set?

“Yikes, did he actually just ask that?” you might be saying, “Doesn’t he know he is not supposed to talk about our deep fears regarding his product?”

Yeppers, I did just ask that question. I did because we really, really care that each customer has a great experience with us and our product. We don’t want you to buy something that you will regret.

A girl is about to go down a red slide on a swing set.

Swing Set: Will it be Used?

So, swing sets, will they go the way of the toys underneath your/my child’s bed?

Here is the main point: you have to know your kids and what they enjoy doing.

If your kids enjoy going to the local playground and look forward to swinging, climbing, and all that good stuff, then your swing set will be used for years and years. But if your child is not one for those things, think long and hard about this purchase before pulling the trigger.

Children playing on a blue swing set. The children are using the swing beam.

Things to Consider when Considering a Swing Set

Here are a few things I have learned through the years. I am not a professional when it comes to child-rearing or behavior. I am just a dad with three kids who sells swing sets, and these are things I have observed or believe are important in deciding if a swing set is right for your family.

  • What is the culture of play in your family? Do you actively encourage and see your children engaging in creative play? If so, a swing set is an excellent purchase as it easily lends itself to creative play.
  • What are the ages of your children? After most kids hit adolescence, swing sets are not cool anymore. The exception is if they grew up on a swing set, then they may revisit it almost more for memory’s sake than fun. Don’t expect a swing set to entertain preteens and teens.
  • What is the swing set competing against? Honestly, it’s a fact that I have experienced firsthand that the more virtual entertainment I give my kids, the more I have to work to engage them in outside play. Unlimited access to virtual entertainment is an uphill battle for a swing set to win, so don’t expect to plop it in the backyard and see an immediate abandonment of the controllers.
  • Now, if you are intentionally transitioning your kids away from screens (My wife and I underwent this challenge about two years ago, and we are so glad we did), then having a swing set may help that transition. You may have to intentionally engage in the play for the first several weeks till they get that creative spark burning bright again.
Children playing on a blue playhouse swing set. The children are using the swings.
  • Are you just getting started with your child’s years? Then a swing set makes a lot of sense because they will grow up on it and will more likely always have a part in their play. It’s not a guarantee, but the rhythm of the play is a powerful force.
  • Will your children be playing alone? With a swing set, the more playmates, the merrier. A single child can get a lot of enjoyment out of a swing set, just ask the Burris Family, but the more kids, whether siblings or friends coming over to play, the merrier.
  • You may have to help inspire creativity for the first bit. Serve snacks outside, offer to do a section of homeschool or homework inside the playhouse together, play dress up on the tower, etc. A little intentional push in the right direction can really make a big difference in the long-term use of the swing set.
  • Read and watch our family reviews. Don’t just take our word for it, listen to what real families have to say about their King Swings swing set and the difference it has made in their children’s lives. Find them on our Youtube channel!
A child going down a slide on a swing set.

Ultimately, it is on your shoulders to decide if a swing set is a good fit for your family. We at King Swings will do our best, to be honest, transparent, and free with all the information you need to make a wise decision. We don’t want just to sell another swing set; we want you to be happy.