Freestanding Vinyl Monkey Bar Swing Beam

As Shown $1,321.00


Our freestanding vinyl monkey bar is great for swinging and climbing!

When using our free-standing vinyl monkey bar swing beams, you will see natural flex and sway in the wood of the swing beam. This is the natural flexing of the wood inside the vinyl. To see this swaying and flexing, check out this video. It is skipped up to the correct time for you.

If you want to get some customizing ideas, check out our Instagram page.

Freestanding 3-Position Monkey Bar: $1,321.00 (Does not include Swings)
Freestanding 4-Position Monkey Bar: $1,507.00 (Does not include Swings)

Product Specifications

Standard Beam Height: 8′
Colors: Ivory or White

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