During my years in sales, I was often asked a variation of this question: “I am looking at your vinyl swing sets and playhouses online; what makes your swing sets different from your competition?”

This is an important question. A casual observer browsing many of the Pennsylvanian Amish Swing Set manufacturers’ websites may not see much difference between the products. Sure, each manufacturer has its signature look, but all the materials and slides appear the same.

Is there an actual, palpable difference between a King Swings swing set or playhouse and our competition? Is there anything that separates our customer experience from beginning to end from other companies?


King Swings believes we craft, deliver, and install the best swing sets and playhouses and provide the best customer experience. A quick comparison of Google reviews proves the latter, but here are some of the main physical differences between a King Swing’s swing set or playhouse and most of our competition.

Premium Materials: Trex®️ Decking

This image shows our gray Trex Decking

King Swings uses Trex decking on our climbers and towers. This decking provides superior traction, strength, and durability for our playsets.

Trex® also resists fading. This pairs well with our swing sets vinyl sleeve as the sleeve has a 20-year warranty against fading or discoloration. This means your vinyl swing set will look great many years from now.

Trex® decking is environmentally friendly! Trex decking recycles other companies’ waste by making their composite decking out of a mixture of 95% recycled plastic film and reclaimed sawdust. Things like shrink wrap, newspaper sleeves, and grocery bags are turned into this decking. Their website states, “..the average 500-square foot composite Trex deck contains 140,000 recycled plastic bags! That makes us one of the largest plastic bag recyclers in the U.S.”

King Swings wants to bring you the best swing set we can, so we partner with elite companies like Trex®. You can read more about the advantages of Trex®️ decking here.

Improved Safety Measures: Hand Rails

King Swings attaches handrails to our climbers; save the cargo nets. Handrails on the climbers provide another layer of safety for the children using the set and can help younger children make their first ascension.

Customization and Consumer-Direct: Made to Order Swing Sets

While many swing set manufacturers offer customization, we take it to the next level. That is what we love to do! It is not a chore or extra work; it is our privilege and goal to help you design the perfect playhouse or swing set for your family.

Since King Swings is customer-direct, we have an in-house sales team. You can rest assured that you will work with someone who knows swing sets. You are not working with a shed lot that also sells swing sets; no, you are working directly with the team that works directly with the manufacturing team, which works directly with the install teams.

Our swing set design team only sells swing sets, playhouses, and swing set accessories. They know what works and what doesn’t, little tricks for maximizing the fun, and things to avoid. Customizing is a breeze when working with the King Swings Team.

Impressive Warranty:

A lady is on the phone while taking notes on a pad of paper.

King Swings offers a fantastic warranty. Go ahead and compare it to others. Our warranty can be found here. But just in case you don’t click there, here are the critical parts:

We offer a six-year warranty on our parts and our labor. We offer a 20-year warranty on the vinyl itself against discoloration or fading. We offer a lifetime warranty against rot, decay, or insect damage on the wood under the vinyl. Be sure to scroll back up and click on the warrant to get all the details and how it works.

Clear, Accessible Information:

In this picture, a swing set is lit up by string lights with a family in the foreground sitting around a fire.

Nothing is more annoying than shopping online and having the prices or information hidden behind an email wall.

We don’t hide our prices or make it hard to get information. We want you to be as educated as possible regarding our swing sets. Check out our website and our YouTube channel. I am confident you will get the vast majority of your questions answered.


Everyone at King Swings seeks to create the best swing set or playhouse using the best materials. However, we also know that the customer experience is just as important. We strive to provide a flawless experience on both fronts. From the first contact to the final installation, we want you to be happy and confident. After all, you are buying a playset; the whole process should be fun!

Justin Doutrich

Dad to three kids, Justin knows how important it is for children to get lots of physical exercise. His time as a school teacher reinforced that idea. He is passionate about creating fun, enjoyable playgrounds that are safe but full of learning opportunities.

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