Playhouses have a magical quality that can spark imagination and creativity in both children and adults alike. From a little group of friends playing make-believe restaurant inside a small playhouse to a full-blown water blaster fight around a big playhouse, fun for all happens inside a playhouse swing set.

King Swings prides itself on offering the best modern playhouses for 2024. King Swings has been on the cutting edge of playhouse design, from the adorable Mansion Playhouse to the Chalet A-frame Playhouse, bringing new colors, styles, and endless fun to backyards nationwide.

2024 is upon us, and spring means daffodils and the sun peaking through the clouds. Let’s explore the best playhouse sets for endless adventures in your backyard. While best is a relative term, depending on your family size, needs, and available space, this will give you a good starting point.

Best New Playhouse: The Chalet A-Frame Playhouse

The Chalet A-frame Playhouse launched in early November 2023. With its iconic design and charm, we knew this playhouse swing set would be an instant hit with parents and children alike.

We weren’t wrong! This vinyl a-frame playhouse will be one of our most popular playhouse sets for 2024!

The Chalet A-frame Playhouse became an overnight sensation, with customers gushing about how adorable the it appeared. It certainly helped that this modern playhouse has all the fun accessories any children could ever want.

The big playhouse features a second-story crawl tunnel that leads to a turbo tube slide. A wobbly bridge connects the balcony to an additional tower, where you can find another slide, a rock wall, a staircase, and swings!

As with all our playhouses, you can customize the Chalet A-frame playhouse. If you are feeling wild, add slides, additional towers, or another big playhouse to the end of the bridge! The Chalet has endless options, so it is the best new playhouse for 2024!

View the Chalet A-frame Playhouse here.

Best Big Playhouse: The Palace Playhouse

The Palace Playhouse is big. The 8’x8’ playhouse is one of the largest, most spacious playhouses. This means there is room for sleepovers, foam blaster fights, play dates with cousins, you name it—the Palace can fit it!

But the Palace Playhouse isn’t just a big playhouse. It is also a playhouse swing set featuring three swing positions and perpendicular monkey bars. The tall swing beam is perfect for swinging high or doing tricks on the trapeze bar, while the monkey bars are a great way to develop strength, coordination, and confidence while having fun.

One of the features of the Palace is how easy it is to customize. The bottom of the tower is open and the perfect place for adding decking, a ball pit, a lemonade stand, a coffee bar, or a picnic table. You could also hang a 3-rope tire swing under the tower for even more swings.

But the bottom of this big playhouse isn’t the only thing that can be customized. You can attach more tube slides to the playhouse walls, add big windows, add flower boxes, and more. Contact our swing set design team if creating a custom playhouse sounds fun!

View the Palace Playhouse here.

Best Small Playhouse: The Cottage Playhouse

This picture shows the New Cottage from King Swings

While technically not the smallest playhouse King Swings offers, the Cottage Playhouse was the best-selling playhouse of 2023, and it can fit into almost any backyard!

The New Cottage Playhouse’s 6’x6’ playhouse provides a roomy place for all sorts of creative play, while the staircase makes accessing the playhouse simple for everyone, from the littlest ones to the grandparents. The Cottage Playhouse sports a waterfall slide, a monkey bar swing beam, and three swings, ensuring there is always something fun to do.

The ease of customization has also contributed to the Cottage Playhouse’s popularity. Adding tube slides, climbers, or other items to the Cottage Playhouse is a snap, and if you look through our Instagram, you will find many different families’ unique New Cottages.

You can view the Cottage Playhouse here.

Best On the Ground Playhouse: The Hemet Homestead Playhouse

If you are looking for a standalone playhouse, then the Hemet Homestead Playhouse is perfect for you. This small playhouse can be tucked into any backyard corner, instantly adding fun and creative play to your home.

This small, white playhouse features an 8’ wide by 6’ deep playhouse on a comfy playdeck. Your personal touch can transform the built-in coffee bar with two tea chairs. Hanging in colorful curtains and pendants or decorating for the season makes the Hemet Homestead Playhouse uniquely yours.

You can if you love this small playhouse but want to add swings, slides, and more. They would be on a separate tower that is not connected to the playhouse. This gives some flexibility if you have an irregularly shaped backyard or are trying to fit in your playground pieces around existing things like pools or courts.

You can view the Hemet Homestead Playhouse here.

Honorable Mentions

Custom Playhouse: Custom playhouses are a big deal. Whether you start from a standard design such as the Cottage Playhouse and make a few changes or truly create your design front and ground up, we love helping you make the perfect playhouse for your family!

The Chateau Playhouse: The Chateau Playhouse is great for families with older children. It is 7’ tall and has many features that older kids love!

The Homestead Playhouse: The Homestead Playhouse is stunning to behold. It has two stories: an 8’x8’ playhouse on top and an 8’x8′ clubhouse on the ground floor. It is the premium modern playhouse with plenty of big windows and high-end features such as aluminum railings, a tube slide, and more.

King Swings, King of Playhouses

King Swings crafts customizable playhouses and swing sets that are made to order. For over 35 years, we have designed and manufactured swing sets and playhouses.  The dedicated artisans from Lancaster, PA, are skilled at building premium playsets with the highest quality materials and safety standards.

King Swings believes outside playground equipment provides the perfect canvas for creative play. This is why we allow so much customization: we want your playhouse to be ideal for your family’s needs.

To get started, visit our quick start guide and browse our website. Our swing set, or in this case, playhouse design team, will happily answer any questions you may have and create a drawing with an estimate. And don’t worry about revisions or changes; we understand this is a big purchase, and we want you to be thrilled.

Bring the playhouse home with King Swings – where imagination goes to play.

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Dad to three kids, Justin knows how important it is for children to get lots of physical exercise. His time as a school teacher reinforced that idea. He is passionate about creating fun, enjoyable playgrounds that are safe but full of learning opportunities.

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